A glide through Appalling Human Rights Violations

A glide through Appalling Human Rights Violations!

Violence against women and children is an appalling human rights violation,

it is not inevitable, We must end this!

Domestic violence is a public health concern since time immemorial, in this pandemic era, it has adverse effects on the physical and mental health of women. Prefatory evidence denotes that domestic violence during the COVID-19 has devilishly increased globally. The UN Women statistics reveal that women and girls were and still are fighting ‘a shadow pandemic inside their homes. Domestic violence in India was considerably persisting across all socio-economic strata. Findings reveal that sources of motivation in domestic violence during the lockdown were due to alcohol and unemployment.

The blue indicator depicts the number of cases filed under section 498A of the IPC or ‘Cruelty by Husband or His Relatives’ divided by the women’s population in lakhs. The blue indicator reports the percentage of ever-married women aged 18-49 years who had experienced spousal violence.

Mr.R.Singaravelan, Designated Senior Advocate, most popularly known as the ‘Intellectual Giant,’ a gold medallist was the only student to pass Constitutional Law and International Law in the State of Tamil Nadu in the 90s with a dynamic unblemished 30 years of proven record providing indispensable legal advice opined that ‘domestic violence in the pandemic is a pandemic within a pandemic and added that violence against our girls and women is a violation of human rights.


Statistics reveal that one in three women globally are subjects of physical or domestic violence. In the pandemic era, all forms of violence escalated and intensified. As the UN Women dedicates itself to gender equality and empowerment of women, Mr.Singaravelan, a champion of humanitarian cause adds that ‘everyone has a role to play in protecting our girls and women from all forms of sexual harassments’ and rein in the alarming upsurge in domestic violence.

Mr.Singaravelan adds that women and girls face physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse – essential services such as health, justice, policing, social services, help-lines ought to be available to protect our vulnerable girls and women from all forms of domestic abuse and violence during the pandemic era. Referring to researchers and criminologists, he stated that vulnerable women and children were forced to spend more time with the abusers in these most stressful and uncertain times.

Mr.Singaravelan also believes that unemployment and underemployment have put vulnerable women and girls in this precariously dangerous position. There is a pressing need to ensure residence, protection, and maintenance for our women and girls. He further added that women and girls fear to seek legal remedy, although the fear is justifiable, those tormented with depression and suicidal tendencies ought to seek medical help. He suggests that setting up ‘confidence-building centers’ or counseling centers can also be part of legal aid for victims of domestic abuse and violence.

As women are mustering courage, it is the duty of ‘we the people to protect our people. Women and children – also men to a certain extent are not safe, whether it is in their houses, public places, or at the workplace. Given the number of crimes that are committed against women, there is a pressing need to protect womanhood!

As a believer of the Late Legend Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer, a conscious keeper of justice, Mr.Singaravelan in his unquenchable humanism is a great human being with cosmic vision. In his courageous voice, he kindles the courage of every victim of domestic abuse and violence with a strong message for the victims to ‘not only dream of a brave new world but to live in the brave new world.’ Each time a woman stands up for herself without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.

A little more matriarchy is what the world needs, with rapid transformations and changes during the past decades, the legal and social status of Italian women had even inherited ruling positions. Favoring the women of Italy, the new laws enacted in the pandemic era protects women in Italy with a significant uplift of the sentences for the perpetrators of domestic violence against women. With a prison sentence of up to seven years, even stalking carries a maximum sentence of six and half years and those perpetrators who participate is group attacks face a maximum sentence of 14 years. Cases of domestic violence have the investigation fast-tracked and there will be a court hearing within three days in Italy.

Patriarchy originates from a matriarchy, in the words of Russell Wilson ‘the more we choose not to talk about domestic violence, the more we shy away from the issue, the more we lose…’ Trauma may happen to our girls and women, but it can never define them! Let not the dark and bitter past cease bright future. The Duchess of Cornwall at the Women of the World Festival about survivors of coercive control and domestic violence added that ‘we must bring this taboo subject out in the open and talk about it, domestic abuse will never end until we make it socially unacceptable, no one should live in fear and together we can make it stop.’ Wounds are sources of growth, when a girl or woman survives abuse, she will survive the recovery. The appalling toll of domestic abuse and violence will not be eased out until family, government, institutions, and civil society organizations address the issue collectively…

The co-authors of this article are:

Miss.Vittoria Maria Colucci, is an International Relations student from Italy.

Miss.Vittoria Maria Colucci

Dottoressa.Maffi,  Advocate, Global Brand Ambassador of WTO (UK), holds a degree in law from London, a Legum Magister in Legal Practice from the City University, UK, A Master of Arts in Human Rights, a Legum Magister from United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Italy, a Certificate in Migration and its link to Peace, Security, and Sustainable Development Agenda from University for Peace, Costa Rica, and a Certificate in Global Governance, University for Peace, Costa Rica.


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