Actor Ranveer Singh, one of the most stylish man in Bollywood left everyone stunned with the Papi Gudia tee shirt

Actor Ranveer Singh, one of the most stylish man in Bollywood left everyone stunned with the Papi Gudia tee shirt

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is someone who doesn’t hesitate to try new experiments in his hairstyle or in dressing and the way he carries it, all have made him what he is. He is well known not only as an actor but also for his unique personality and sense of style. On the day of 63rd film fare award night, he appeared in a Papi Gudia movie tee shirt.

The movie Papi Gudia is an old horror film that released in the year 1996 starred Karishma Kapoor and Avinash Wadhavan and produced by Vinod Chhabra, was the talk of the town then and was one of the blockbusters. This film revolves around crime, theft, ghost and black magic and goes as the doll that is cursed gets stuck to the hero and ends where the hero is in a dilemma without knowing what to choose. This film was directed by Lawrence D’Souza.

The trend started when Ranveer Singh posted a picture on his social media page before he was going to perform live on the 63rd film fare award night. He claimed that this picture and the tee shirt was a tribute to his favorite film Papi Gudia and also for Karishma Kapoor and team. This picture soon went viral on the Internet and was the talk of everyone. This soon reached the attention of Karishma Kapoor and she claims to be overwhelmed by this sweet gesture by Ranveer as the tee shirt was like a “blast from the past” and she was so moved by this. In fact, she asked Ranveer Singh for the tee shirt by herself.

The producer of PapiGudia owns Ranveer’s thunder with so much pride by reposting it on his social media sites saying he had to copy that tee shirt and hashtagged it saying as a throwback. Indeed, this is sure that this was one of the best throwbacks a filmmaker would want. And something like this after nearly 12 years, is where real success and the craftsmanship of the film prevails. He also told that this was a very cute gesture from Ranveer which he had never expected. And this is why Vinod Chhabra remains a legend and his films always make a great impact.

How much we wish Vinod Chhabra made films now? If we had a superpower we’d try and time travel to the 90’s all again and enjoy all the good films and the best of filmmaking. Indeed the Bollywood town is so proud and overwhelmed to have him. This moment was not a tribute to the film and him but also to all the 90’s kids.

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