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India’s ‘Meera’, Sona Jadhav opens about Bhajans, Bakti and Shakti

Sona Jadhav is the best Krishna bhajan singer from Indore, India. She is know as India’s ‘Meera‘. Her main aspects are spiritualism and faith in God and with these aspects she turned herself into a good singer. Her politeness and her deep insight of Philosophy embarks hers with a sense of spiritual charm.

Sona Jadhav

Sona Jadhav opens about her life to Team Talismanian:

Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration are people and singers who have come up in life right from the scratch, and have reached very high today. All those who have struggled a lot are a real inspiration to me.

When did you start singing and which was the first song?

I started singing at the age of 13, and the first song I performed on stage was ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon’.

So, how many songs are there for your credit and which is your all-time favourite?

I have sung almost 100 to 150 bhajans and lots of companies have released them like Skylark, T-series, Saawariya, and so on. My favourite singers are Richa Sharma Ji and Sunidhi Chauhan, both are very versatile singers, I like them very much.

Whom do you consider as your Guru? We are eager to hear about that personality.

My Guru is Jungleedas Maharaj, he is my spiritual guru from Shirdi. He gives very good insights and philosophies and teaches us to go on the right path in life. I am a bubbly and fun loving girl. I like to meet and interact with people. When I am by myself, my concentration is completely on my devotion (bhajan and bhakti). I love Bhagvan Shri Krishna and I am a devotee of Ma Kaali. I am a very entertaining person though at home, I don’t let anyone remain quiet at all. I am not very serious at times except when I am alone. As a singer, I like to concentrate on my music, my attitude, my style, and I like to live life king size.

Tell us about your family. How much did your family support you to become a singer?

Actually, my father passed away in 1997, we are a religious family. There used to be Shri Hari Katha at my place, since then we are very much into bhajans. My family has supported me a lot. Today I am singing since the past 20 years. They have never forced me for anything, and have always told me to do what I feel right. I have never ever done even anything to hurt or go against them. They have always given me their blessings and support to pursue this as my profession. I have five sisters, and I am fourth in line. My sisters are married except me because I consider Bhagwan Shri Krishna as my brother, husband, father and I want to dedicate my entire life to his bhajans and his bhakti. This is my goal in life and I want nothing else, I only want to be connected to Bhagwan Shri Krishna always.

Tell us about your childhood. When did you realize your talent in you or who discovered it?

My sister was at a charity event and there were rehearsals going on at home, I told her music teacher that I also want to sing a song, and her teacher agreed. I performed Saajan movie’s song, ‘Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shaayari’. It was a road show and rains began, so had to shut down the music instruments. I got very angry due to this with the guru, and didn’t even touch his feet, and then I realized I wanted to sing well in life and become a good one.

How do you feel about being a devotee of Khatu Shyam Baba?

Khatu Shyam Baba

The one who connected me with Baba Khatu Shyam was Adarniya Shri Nandh Kishore Sharma (Nandu Ji), who in 2004 there was a Maha Kumbh Mela in Ujjain and I was roaming there, and there I saw a darbar where Khatoo Shyams Murti was there, I had never seen before, and when I said I want to sing a bhajan here, the people made me meet Nandu Ji, and from that day onwards I am a bhakt of Baba Khatoo Shyam, and he has given me a lot, I oblidged to Bihariji, and whatever I have got in my life is through Baba Khatoo Shyam and Bhagwan Shri Krishna. So I am a bhakt of Baba Shyam.

What is your dream?

My dream is to be known as a bhakt of Bhagwan Shri Krishna worldwide, I can go around telling people about the greatness of Thakurji.

How do you discover ‘music’?

The music which I perform on is composed by music directors, at times we use film tunes as well, but most of the times it is composed by professional music directors.

What is your success mantra ?

My Mantra for success is that do your work and put in so much hardwork and sincerity and don’t do that for showing and impressing the world, do it for impressing the lord, and then success will automatically come behind you the minute the lord is impressed with you.

How did you get the name India’s ‘Meera’?

In 2008, At Ambi Press Club, I got the title India’s ‘Meera’. Because of my style, lifestyle and my look is such that people consider me as ‘Meera’. Maybe they see Meera in me through how much of a bhakt I am of Bhagwan Shri Krishna.

Which was the first award you got and when?

I have got a lot of awards, but the first award I got was in Class 12, among 152 schools in Indore, my school won the best prize because I sang so well. My father was very happy and that was the biggest award for me because I got it in his presence.

Can you tell one inspirational sentence for our upcoming singers?

There are a lot of big celebrities and singers who are doing a good job today. But where bhajans come, I don’t see the level of bhakti in them, they sing filmy songs well. I would really be happy if they devote towards bhajans as well, we do a lot for the world but should also do at times for the Lord.

How you feel working with the famous artists like Raja, Sonu Nigam, Richa Sharma etc.

Feels really good. Sonu Nigam is so talented and Richa Di is even a very good singer. I learn a lot from them, on doing live performances, how to focus on myself, and manage myself on stage. Just have one suggestion that whenever other singers sing bhajans, sing it with complete devotion feeling the lord’s presence. Their music will reach sky high once they do that.

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