An Ode to the Noble Neurologist!

An Ode to the Noble Neurologist!

Human beings are powered by emotions, not necessarily by reasons! The indispensable distinction between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to actions while reason leads to conclusion. Dr.Francesco Bruno, from the department of Clinical Neurology in Koelliker Hospital, Turin, Italy, one of the finest adroit Noble Neurologist transcends his compassionate, competent, empathetic, dedicated, tireless and renders divine selfless services in the superlative to his patients. Dr.Bruno embraces the emotions of his patients in his professional framework and his competent diagnosis extricates distress.

Fragmented data exist on the turbulent emotional distress generated by patients during hospital visits and hospital admissions. The fear of every patient is factual, the altered emotional status of endurance cohorts with the actual medical condition and this coalescence can be a colossal gremlin for doctors to treat. Yet,  masters the art of being a good listener and connotes that When his patient presents befuddling symptoms, he inherits curiosity leading to an accurate diagnosis even if that means tapping into additional resources, reviews and re-reviews.

Dr. Francesco Bruno,

Department of Clinical Neurology, Koelliker Hospital, Turin, Italy.

A good doctor is a strong advocate for their patient; this Noble Neurologist goes far and beyond the Good Samaritan and entails his patient to secure miraculously urgent appointments. Dr.Bruno goes the extra mile for the sole well-being of his patient, sparing his public holiday lunch hours and weekends to ensure his patients with speedy access to necessary services which is a soul-stirring gospel performance.

A central force behind ‘doctor dissatisfaction’ is the bureaucratic intrusion and loss of professional ingress. Dr.Bruno in his digital doctoring, rather an instant, constant and holistic riposte coupled with utmost ethics ensures his patient satisfaction. It is not only inspirational but improves the overall health outcomes within the professional framework.

Good doctors must be grounded in their profession and should express attributes to match social expectations, one can wonder breathlessly over this Noble Neurologist’s impeccable medical professionalism. Certain qualities of a good doctor are measurable and some can never be quantified, the only measurable skill of Dr.Bruno on his harkening career is his active research contributions approaching its peak with over 50 scholarly publications and his other professional skills are fathomless.

Firm minds make the best decision, when one tends to be infirm and nosocomephobic, the best medicine is to seek for a noble neurologist and this Noble Neurologist delivers nothing less than safety and trust. His cognitive and non-cognitive skills such as commitment, character, integrity, empathy, truthfulness and transparency can be a yardstick to budding medical professionals. Dr.Bruno, the Noble Neurologist of northern Italy classically deals with the monstrous yet beautiful factory of emotions.

‘Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is unfathomable love and Himalayan respect from Humanity,’ to those every doctor’s sleepless nights, selfless acts, constant cares, the society confides in you. To every doctor who transpires to be a proactive advocate; the society yearns for you God-sent angles to be happy and healthy and remain a good Camaraderie for patients though the journey we call life. 

“The awe of discovering human body,

The honour of being trusted,

The gratitude of helping through difficult times,

…these things never grow old.”

Patients pay doctor for their trouble, but every patient will forever remain in debt to the kindness of every doctor…

Maffi Irish

The author of this article is Dottoressa. Maffi, Advocate, she holds a degree in law from London, a Legum Magister in Legal Practice from the City University, UK, A Master of Arts in Human Rights, a Legum Magister from United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Italy, a Certificate in Migration and its link to Peace, Security, and Sustainable Development Agenda from University for Peace, Costa Rica, and a Certificate in Global Governance, University for Peace, Costa Rica.

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