Anticipation splurge as the Making of "Burning Wells 3D" advances

Anticipation splurge as the Making of “Burning Wells 3D” advances

Burning Wells have become one of the most awaited international movies from the Indian subcontinent. With a whooping budget of 25 million USD, the project hit limelight soon after its announcement. When the master crafts man I V Sasi joined the technology enthusiast Sohan Roy, “Burning Wells” raised the expectations to be everything one can ask from this dream team of Director Duo.

I V Sasi is a renowned Indian film Director known for his unique style of film making. He has directed over 145 films in various languages and genres. Sohan Roy is an accomplished, performance driven professional whose debut movie DAM999 earned international accolades including Oscars short listing and selection at the Golden Rooster Awards ( Chinese Oscars). He was also the project designer and producer of many award winning Hollywood movies.

Based on the Kuwait invasion by Iraq in the year 1990, Burning Wells will be primarily shot in English, Arabic and Hindi. The cast and crew of Burning Wells will have leading actors from Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabian film industry. It is also believed that the movie makers will rope in internationally acclaimed technicians, to make the movie making as well as viewing, a larger than life experience. The “Burning Wells” project has already been creating a buzz in the international film circuit. The project had its mega launch in Indywood Film Carnival, September 2016.

Inorder to bring the entire film fraternity under one roof and to elevate India as the global hub of world film industry in 5 years time, Sohan Roy conceptualized the USD 10Billion Project Indywood with 100 set targets, which is expected to set in revolutionary changes in the production, screening and the marketing strategies of the Indian Film Industry. As a part of it, India is going to witness thied edition of world’s ultimate film carnival – Indywood Film Carnival in December at Ramoji Rao Film City, Hyderabad. With an aim to connect the best of both national and international cinema project Indywood will also facilitate and enter into co production model for international projects. “Burning Wells” was the first international co production deal which was launched at Kochi.

Director I V Sasi, through his social media page revealed that he had always wanted to make a movie on Kuwait war using the finest technology available in the world. He even went to Kuwait to gather information, resources, stories and journals which would help him shape his dream project. Since “Burning Wells” is a high budget multilingual movie which demands the cast and crew from across the globe and the best technologies available in the world, I V Sasi also wrote about how important it was to have the presence of Sohan Roy in the project.
Sohan Roy has told that the movie will be shot in Hollywood format in 3D using 8K technology. The film will be shot at various locations including Kuwait and Ramoji Rao Film City and will be dubbed in 30 languages. The film is expected to reach theatres by the end of 2018.


The original article was published in ALL LIGHTS FILM Magazine, May 2017 edition. This is a non-edited copy of the said. 

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