"Area" in Feature Films International Competition of ALIIFF - Talismanian

“Area” in Feature Films International Competition of ALIIFF


Director : Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio

Producer : Baby Go, Ferdinand Lapuz, Dennis Evangelista, Romeo Lindain

Cinematographer : Rain Yamson

Language : Tagalog

Editor : Gilbert Obispo

Year :2016

Country : Philippines

Duration: 106 mins


Area is a neighbourhood of brothels located at a short distance from the city’s red-light district. Here sex workers can be had for a can of sardines or even on credit. With upto 700 brothels that serviced thousands of men, mainly those who belonged to the low income category the Area shined well on it days of good business. It was the hub for people who took advantage of the cheap pricing like low-income men,hormonally active boys and society misfits.
It was on the verge of closing down and one of the last of the brothels was operated by Ben, whose family depended on the brothel for survival.
The Holy Week is one that is celebrated all over the world and the residents of the Area were performing rituals of penitence to wash away the sins that they had done over the year so that they could get ready for business next year. It is at the same time when Hillary’s money is stolen and Ben too is in a state where he could not file charges against the suspected person as he is the village watchman who Ben couldn’t afford to displease. Hillary too is all upset as she had saved all her savings which she earned as a sex worker to fulfil her dream of travelling to the United States to find her son who she claimed to have lost during the panic caused by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. The added misery is that she had earnt all this bearing the sceptical co- workers who bullied her by dumping clients who had almost nothing including a penniless old man who pays with stolen appliances.

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