Ayanna Mathew : This little star is all set to brighten up KFF 2018

Ayanna Mathew : This little star is all set to brighten up Kerala Fashion Festival 2018

Ayanna Mathew is better known for her charming and pleasing personality among the industry sources. Doubtless, she is an upcoming star and has projects lined up in film and fashion segments of the South Indian Fashion industry.

The jury of Kerala Fashion Festival 2018 were of no disagreement while choosing Ayanna as the “Child Brand model” for their event that is all set to be staged on August 17th at Kochi. The event is first of its kind and its innovative theme has already spread waves among the fashion lovers.

Ayanna Mathew

The Munchkin model is all thrilled and excited about the event and while giving us the personal interview she delivered the poise through each and every word that promises her as the next big launch for the South Indian Film industry.

Q.It is such a pleasure to meet you as a young media star. Can you tell about you- your studies and passion?

Thank you. About me, what do I say, (giggles) I study in 6th standard in Clarence public school in Bangalore. I love studying so all the subjects are my favourite and I enjoy going to school and spending time with my teachers and friends. My passion is dancing and skating. I would like to be a good model also for which I have taken my first few steps.

Q.How excited are you about Kerala Fashion Festival?

I’m super excited about the show. I don’t know much what’s happening around in the event but I’m sure it’s very interesting and Colourful. I have seen Richard uncle and my mom doing lots of work for this event. I’m happy that I got an opportunity to be part of a festival celebration. Special thanks to Richard uncle for making me the Child brand model. I am looking to finish my exams soon this month and then go to Kochi for the event.

Q.Who recognized your spirit in modelling? Who was your inspiration and role model?

My role models are my parents because they are my power, strength, and energy. My mom always taught me one thing- “ never say I can’t. Tell me you don’t want to or don’t know, I’ll teach you and then if you do not want to then just leave it, But never say can’t without trying.” My father is my best friend. I love my father and admire him for his numerous good qualities. I am grateful to my father and hope to make him proud of me. My parents are my heroes.

Q.Do you consider modelling as your passion or foresee it as your profession?

Modelling will be my passion always which I would like to continue until I’m comfortable with it. My dream is to do something very unique and different which will be my profession. Probably I can talk about it in a couple of years as I’m too small to decide on those things. Now I am the Child Brand model for Kerala Fashion Festival. That’s a big achievement for me now.

Q.Which project was your first in this industry? Can you share a fun moment during modelling?

My first project was for a fashion boutique in Bangalore for their clothing line. A fun moment I do not remember much as most of my shoots was a lengthy and tedious one 🙁

Q. How do you manage your studies and modelling? We guess your school really supports you?

By grace of God, until now I’m able to manage it together. My school is very supportive, Principal mam has given permissions and she ensures all my notes are given to me during my absence. I am really thankful for my school, my classmates and my teachers.

Q. We heard that you have signed a Tamil movie. Can we know more about it?

The child model simply giggles for the question as she says that she feels its too early to comment on it.

Q. As an Entrepreneur, how far has your mother inspired you?

I do not understand the big words of business. Just one sentence. There are many great people out there and I could choose anyone, but I choose my mom as I want to follow in her footsteps. If I do that now I know I will find the true path that leads to happiness and find a way to take a dream and turn it into reality.

Q. What are the modelling projects you completed so far and what are your future projects?

Have done magazines shoot, TVC ad shoot, digital video shoot, Documentary film, Fotoshoots and signed a few other projects which will be revealed soon.

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