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Bengaluru : Standing in the queue for “Day Zero”

Aishwerya Ravichandran

A recent survey tells that at least 200 cities all over the world are facing a drastic water crisis. Among the 10 metropolitan cities, Bengaluru is the fastest moving towards ‘Day Zero’—a situation where taps start running dry with no water. ‘The assessment by Down To Earth’, an article published by a leading magazine gives a great hit for many cities across the globe on the day ahead of the World Water Day which is observed every year on March 22.

The survey report tells that the garden city of India could go the Cape Town away. Cape Town, one of the richest cities of Africa, has been under severe water crisis with many reports had stated that the city’s taps will run dry this year, within the couple of months. The city has recently introduced the idea of ‘Day Zero’ to reduce the unwanted usage of water to save water from getting dried off.

Sunita Narain, the director general of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) stated that whether it is Cape Town, Bengaluru or Chennai, there isn’t much difference between these cities. She also added that, they are all witnessing a common present situation. She kept forward a vital question stating whether these cities can create and move toward a common future that is water secure because it is water wise.

As far as Bengaluru is noticed, the survey report shows that the total number of extraction wells in the city has shot up from 5,000 to 0.45 million in the past 3 decades.It also stated that the recharge of groundwater is minimal due to unplanned urbanisation. The city only uses half of its treatment capacity to treat the waste and as a result a substantial amount of waste is dumped into the water bodies.

Despite Bengaluru, the list of 10 cities facing ‘Day Zero’ are from various countries that include Beijing from China, Mexico City from Mexico, Sanaa from Yemen, Nairobi from Kenya, Istanbul from Turkey, Sao Paulo from Brazil, Karachi from Pakistan, Buenos Aires from Argentina and Kabul from Afganisthan.

The report had deep analysis on water usage and found out the availability of resources in various part of Earth and noted that 36% of the cities across the world will face water crisis by 2050 and the urban water demand is expected to go up by a whopping 80% from current level by 2050.

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