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How to cast Beard and Stubble that Women love !

Beards have been in fashion for quite some time now. The trend of beards had been volatile throughout its history. Beard come and move out of fashion in different time frames.

Sometimes growing beard/ stubble can change one’s appearance as a whole. The Indian legend Amitabh Bachchan grew his grey french beard that changed his appearance a whole lot post which his films turned blockbusters. Tamil actor Vijay was seen in mustache during his early days in film industry. His change to stubble look gave him a great change in his appearance and, though not for this alone, his acting skills combined with the fresh look gave him enormous hits.

It has to be remembered that not everyone can grow beard, neither does it suit everyone. Beard has to altered according to each one’s facial hair and the shape of face. Are you in deep quest to grow beard? Take some tips from here.

Find the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

“Different face shapes call for different beard styles. The final and fulfilling beard look is called optimal beard.”

These are the guiding principles to keep in mind When it comes to facial hair styles.

Square Face

If you have a square or round jaw, you’ll want to grow your beard fuller on the bottom to stretch your face. Keep hair ample on the chin, shorter on the sides.

Round Face

Grow hair longer on the bottom, thinner on the sides.

Oblong or Rectangular Face

If you have a rectangular or oblong face, you’ll want more hair on the sides while avoiding more length under the chin. Keep the sides ampler , and the bottom shorter

Oval Face

Your beard and your jaw should work together to achieve a nicely graduated, oval shape. Oval faces are a midway between the other shapes, so most styles will work well.

Why Sport Stubble?

Reached your personalised peak beard? Or maybe your attempts at growing one yield something that’s tedious and looks funny?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then a scattering of stubble may be just the solution. Easy to grow, a easy to maintain and a great way of switching up your look in a matter of days, it’s the fastest fix in facial hair.
Stubble is fashionable with men for a variety of reasons.

“Stubble is good for making a rugged statement, accentuating the facial contours, creating a change of look from workday grooming or for simply giving the skin a rest from shaving.”

I. It’s Perfect If You’re Patchy

If you have patchy facial hair stubble will be better option than beard. As beard are welcomed in formal environments, stubble is also accepted in many places. So, if you are man with patchy facial hair, then go for stublle.

II. Women Love It

According to a study by psychologists, women are more attracted to men with stubble than bearded or clean-shaven men. women find stubbly blokes as prime partner material, viewing them as more tougher, masculine and dominant-looking compared to those without stubble.

               “The higher a man’s testosterone level, the faster his stubble grows

                 – so a three-day-old beard acts as a strong visual badge of

                                              masculinity to the opposite sex”


III. Stubble Mask Your Imperfections

Like beards, stubble is great for hiding facial imperfections such as irregular skin pigmentation and acne scars. What’s more, it boosts the evident size of your jaw (studies have shown women are attracted to strong jawlines) and, by virtue of colour contrast, drags attention to your teeth.
If you are bald, Stubble will help balancing your face in a way a full beard won’t.

IV. It Matures your Face

Given the fact that facial hair is one of the most obvious signs of sexual maturity; it’s no surprise that men with smooth chins come bottom of the pile in terms of ideal partners.

Cast your style now. Change your pattern of beard and stubble according to your face shape and facial hair type. We guarantee you one thing your girl will love the beard/ stubble look than your clean shaven one.

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