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Chatbots – The next big thing in the Digital World

Article by Anderson

 CHATBOTS – The next big thing

It’s human nature stay in the hunt for the next big thing and that is what puts us on top of the evolutionary chain. We evolved in our ways of communication from telephones to mails, websites and apps. Now with the widespread penetration and adoption of the Internet and Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots seem to be the next big thing as they can take over a lot of jobs that can be automated. Many top entrepreneurs are finding the best fit chatbots for their business and it is even seen as one of the best businesses for now.

A survey was recently conducted by Oracle which found that over 80 percent of the top level marketing, sales and management professionals expect to be using chatbots for their customer interactions and engagements by 2020. It is to be noted that even the top Social Media giant Facebook was testing on some AI (Artifical intelligence) bots when they started talking in their own language and had to be forcefully shutdown.

So since we are pretty sure that Chatbots are the next big thing, what is a Chatbot and how does it really add value?

Chatbots are also called “conversational agents” and they are software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech. They do this to stimulate a conversation or interact with a real person based on the requirement. A chatbot can either be a web-based applications or standalone apps and can be used for engaging any type of content.

You may wonder why it is going to be the most hyped thing in the near future but imagine a programme that uses the already present interactions to analyse and give results based on how it was done earlier and that too based on how the particular user reacted earlier. With customer satisfaction the key for any business, if a user receives a treatment that pleases him, he is sure to remain loyal to the business – And that is the exact job of an AI bot.

A lot of companies have already let out their platform API’s for chatbot integration and they include WeChat, Telegram, Kik and Slack etc. So with chatbots taking over a number of tasks it would be interesting news to know that the advent of chatbot culture has also gone into the porn industry where bots like Evie Chatbot and other girlfriend bots are built to communicate with humans in a flirty way in an attempt to bring an alternate to porn.

All in all, we are still at the very beginning of this chatbot culture. Only a few dozen Chatbots available and most of them work with only predefined command buttons. So now its a matter of time and patience for the vision of artificially intelligent bots to become a reality, and they may even be the cornerstone for the artificially intelligent robots. And then there will be a day when even you might stop conversing with people and take a chat with your personalized chatbot whenever a break is needed.


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