Degradation of Education System

Degradation of Education System

Padmavathy Manoharan

Education is no more something that boosts the confidence of the students, rather it kills the self-confidence in the students who can’t study or be mechanical up to the teachers’ expectations, particularly in our Indian education system. On a positive note, we could say that this education system has made the students so competitive and made it possible for them to compete globally with the students abroad. We all know that Indian students play a major role in the commercial and economic growth of the countries abroad. This would be only because of the stringent and rigorous upbringing in their schools and colleges.

Having seen the positive side of our education system, we should also admit that it has some great flaws as well, for plundering the creativity and natural skills of the students. This is because of the practices that are so mechanical, drilling their students for the highest percentage. The modern-day schools have no concern about the special skills of the children. The students are practiced to follow the syllabus and blueprints for the exams without any diversion but they fail to practice them to follow their passion. They are taught to score the maximum marks but not taught how to develop their skills that they have other than studying.

The other important fact to note is that the modern-day schools refrain the students from excelling in sports, thinking that would deviate them from concentrating on their studies. It’s totally unjustifiable. A student who doesn’t score maximum marks in his studies, maybe, will have the ability to excel in his favorite sport. The school managements nowadays seek popularity for their Institutions instead of concentrating on the students’ passion and real interest.

We cannot blame just the modern day schools but the parents should also be inculpated. When parents themselves don’t seem to understand the plight of their own children, how do we expect the school institutions to really care for the students? Parents should understand that just marks cannot frame their child’s future. They should not be judgemental about their children’s abilities based on their marks. Only when the parents become aware of this, their children would stand out of the crowd, trying hard to prove their skills and will understand that education isn’t everything. Their parents should support their children and be their backbone in helping them expose their hidden talents, that even their children or aren’t aware of.

On the whole, our Indian education system promotes rat race where they conduct several examinations in a year, not knowing how stressful it could be for the students. Having lots of examinations continuously makes the students numb and they lose their imagination and creative power. It would be so rejuvenating and helpful for the whole student community if the government takes some serious steps to bring changes in our education system. When it comes to students and parents, it’s just about thinking out of the box and not focusing on winning the rat race.

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