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Doctors for a Democratic world!

Today’s political arena calls for strong leadership. Doctors are known for guaranteeing healthcare, economic growth, and freedom. Well-versed with the policies and practices that habitually affect the disadvantaged, when they take leadership roles they address individuals, institutions working in partnership with other health professionals, especially those working in social and public policy, and – most importantly – those in the communities who are affected.

Doctors know that reproductive health care is an important part of women’s overall health as it impacts many other facets of their lives, they identify fundamental misinformation and disinformation, that particularly spreads quickly (online) which has deeply harmed individuals, communities, and democracy which was evident in this pandemic era.
In this legatee, Doctor. Davide Lazzaro, a vascular surgeon, a man of firmness and prudence is set to run for the Turin City Council Election, 2021 ‘circoscrizione 4’ and in his motto ‘cambiamo insieme’ he explicitly articulates inclusivity ‘for all.’ As our lives are invariably at stake in this pandemic era fortunately we are in the good hands of doctors like Doctor. Lazzaro, who can balance between economic and medical factors parallelly.

Having rendered his professional contribution for almost 2decades Doctor. Lazzaro is set to take an active part in the political world for the welfare of the community of Turin to preserve individual’s freedom through his professional and political contributions. His advice and counsel to multitudes in matters of health imparting fatherly practical wisdom has truly aided multitudes. His civic responsibilities deserve appreciation and a chance to serve as a natural consequence in his potential illustrious political career. With his exemplary leadership qualities, he is determined to establish and guarantee democracy for all and he can be instrumental in the political world. Your vote is your voice so make the right choice.

About the author: 

Dottoressa. Maffi, Advocate, holds a degree in law from London, a Legum Magister in Legal Practice from the City University, UK, A Master of Arts in Human Rights, a Legum Magister from United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Italy, a Certificate in Migration and its link to Peace, Security, and Sustainable Development Agenda from University for Peace, Costa Rica, and a Certificate in Global Governance, University for Peace, Costa Rica.

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