"Fashion is an Art and the Fashion designer, an artist", says Richard, founder, KFF

“Fashion is an Art and the Fashion designer, an artist”, says Richard, founder, KFF

“What leads and drags the world are not machines, but IDEAS”

A man with Powerful thoughts, who is in top gear to disseminate his innovative ideas to the betterment of the society through different platforms, opened up to Team Talismanian. To him, people with the Aura of positive thoughts should never wait for opportunities but create them. Unique views, fresh thoughts; while with Antony Richard Jason, the founder of Kerala Fashion Festival, 2018, the listener is bound to self-help with a surplus of pure thoughts that will help create a future that blooms to nearer paradise. He is also the founder of Tactic Events, an event Management Company at Kochi.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Antony Richard Jason with a child model
  • You are a man with innovative ideas that are powerful enough to permeate social reformations. What makes you think about these positive ideas?

Innovation is always something that changes both the economy and a person’s well-being in terms of creativity and productivity supported by a community with the support of the society and governing bodies. Here I stand still in a place where opportunity had to be created for a transformation for an individual who never had an opportunity to express ideas, express freedom or express speech.

I have always been with positive thoughts. We all need to be individuals with social responsibilities but unfortunately, we are living in a self-centred society for many reasons. I always wanted to be a change by bringing a change.

  • My life my rules this is not what each of us should be talking about, it’s always My Life My Values. What’s happening these days are people forget their own self and values and follow their rules and end up messing up their lives.

My ideas are to welcome people to explore their own self and worth as an individual so they also become a part of the community development and be the change they want to see.

Richard at an NGO workshop
  • We understand that Kerala Fashion Festival is not only about Fashion shows. It has a deeper essence to it. Can you explain?

Kerala Fashion Festival name as a unique fashion presentation, says it all. Being Unique has always been noticed. KFF- the name was derived out of Fashion. And Fashion is not all about ramp walks or fashion shows and models..

We call Fashion an Art. The Fashion designer being an artist is really the person who makes a costume fit our needs and requirements. We at KFF promotes the artists that join in with visual poetry, paintings, sculptures and so on. The festival promotes segments which can develop minds or thought process of people talking fashion is all about fashion shows. We need to re-think and focus on the aspects of fashion being misused. Its hard to bring in a change but as an individual, I have developed this concept so with the support of the people and the society we all become a part of a revolution.

  • Who are the torch bearers of the event?

The torchbearers of the event first of are each one of you. It’s a race and we all want to win in the end.

All this started off on a great morning in the month of March 2018. Joining hands with Ms Anjali Nair as our brand ambassador we decided to move forward. Bringing in Ms Jincy Mathew an entrepreneur by profession and mother to a 12-year-old girl has made me understand as an individual upbringing of values and self-respect achievement and success never met failure. Ms Jincy has been playing an amazing role as the Marketing Director of KFF and has been contributing a lot for the betterment of the event.

Our Show Director Mr Dalu Krishnadas & Jude Felix experienced hands in the field of fashion has also been a support to the events progression path.

The designer cannot be forgotten without them we could never think about this event.

  • Big names involved in this event?

Big names comes with equal opportunities to all. We call all big in their own way without any gender bias, religion and profile status.

  • What is your anticipation about Kerala Fashion Festival?

We look forward to an unforgettable experience presenting something to the people. We also require the extended support from all Indians and prayers for the completion of a dream.

  • During one of our conversations, you sparkled a debate “ Are women in Social Medias Vulnerable?”. This is a debate that is the need of the time. What are your thoughts about the same?

Women vulnerable in social media is something everyone ignores these days. Somethings that we let go becomes a topic discussed later on media as a crime. Not all women can be generalized as being vulnerable. Being vulnerable to social mediums lead to many situations including family breakups, theft, losing one’s self-respect and values, experiences of tortures and the list goes on. A much-discussed topic is women empowerment. Many topics on the subject addressed by women for women as brought in a difference. The question is women empowerment is not making women independent over a period of time. Its also being married or single how one carries their values and self-respect and focus on being creative and I am sure we can make a difference.

  • Today’s society demands more people like you. How do you think your innovative ideas will spearhead into people’s mindset in the future?

I am sure there are much more innovative and qualified people than me out here around me and with me. The problem is they wait for an opportunity rather create an opportunity. The concept of having people build their dream through opportunity, a platform that makes them feel confident as an individual has always made me bring in more projects to enhance their mindsets and skills.

  • You are at the helm of different projects. Can you explain your ventures?

Building dreams across life as always made me dream more. I have few of my on-going projects like Kerala Fashion Festival, Little Miss & Mr Munchkin, My Wildlife Club and upcoming projects are Bengaluru Fashion Festival and Kerala Tea Festival.

  • Can we know more about ‘My Wild Life Club’?

My Wildlife Club is another innovation that makes every child feel special. It’s completely a school co-curriculum program that engages each and every member of the club to grow up knowing wildlife. We have more than 600 members in schools across Kerala.

The story started 3 years back in Thomas Memorial English Medium High School Bangalore when I was serving as an academic coordinator for the high school. It always worried me that students were feeling the pressure by the subjects they were lacking enhancement. The only experiment was to bring in a unique idea of bringing wildlife to campus and bring learning and development through the wilderness. I would say it was really successful and as always made a difference in the minds of the little ones.

The club activities are Workshop on wildlife photography, Seminar on flora and fauna, Projects on various forest types, indoor camps and outdoor camps & bringing wildlife to campus experience.

We are on the lookout for investors who would really want to be a part of this project with passion and a dream to be a part of the community development.

  • What is your happy pill?

My life itself is a pill that makes me happy. Having surrounded by people like minded people and appreciations received each day makes me inspired and stronger facing all challenges and moving forward every day. I also thank my parents who have been patient all these years even though it was late, I am sure I am on time.

I also thank each and every reader, my friends, my acquaintances and Talismanian team for coming forward so positively giving me an opportunity to reach out to people who are looking out for an opportunity.

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