Fashion Fuzion Nite: Goa's much awaited show to amaze you soon

Fashion Fuzion Nite: Goa’s much awaited show to amaze you soon

The latest buzz in the fashion industry is this – the Fusion of Fashion and Goa’s vanity!

Fashion Fuzion Nite is an event organised by the prestigious White Pepper Creations of Goa and will kick start on November 16th at Goa’s Reis Magos Fort. What keeps the show outstanding is its amazing celebrity names connected with it. Models from the North, North-East, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Pune are all set to walk on the ramp. The ramp will be enthralled by the amazing, outrageous music by one of the leading bands from Bangalore. The model turned actress Shravya Reddy will be a glam presence added by the presence of Shayk Junaid.

Akhil Raju, the man behind this conceptual show is all excited about his first big brand show that has the leading brands on cards. Here is the excerpts from the interview team Talismanian had with Akhil.

Akhil Raju, Founder, FFN

What’s so happening about this fashion night?

Apart from the brand senor who are based in Goa , this event is filled with designers from different states of India. Saazpaar Collections from the North East, Senor NX Best Suits brand from Goa and AM Branding, the legendary Branding and Promotion company from UK has to be mentioned.

Will there be a fusion between fashion and technology?

Yes, you can expect a dramatic fusion of fashion technology in this show. It’s been my decision to cast a show that will be different from other ramp walks. Here, live music will be performed by a leading band from Bangalore while models walk on the ramp, and the rhythm of the two will be at par to gift a memorable visual treat to the audience.

Priyanka Das: the ace designer from the North show cases her collection and walks the with ramp as model
Priyanka Das: The ace designer from the North East show cases her collections and walks the ramp as model

Apart from the humongous brands that you get connected with, which is your favourite brand personally?

I really admire the young talents who come up with great designs. It has to be admitted that Goa has the best talents and the taste of the people here are really classy. So, to me though I get in love with almost all piece of designs and brands, Louis Philippe stays as my personal favourite.

Rekha Das, Brand Ambassador of Dazzle, (Winner of Mrs.India Universe. 2018, Mrs. India Universe East & Mrs Universe Attractive) walks the ramp as showstopper.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion, mm, its something like this…
F – Face ,
A –Art ,
S – Style ,
H- Highlights ,
I –Individuality ,
O – Optimistic ,
N –Never Fades

Who is your favourite designer?

Again, a hard question! But I think I will have to go with the name Vijay Rana Collections.

What kind of moment are we going to have here?

Starting from the different touch of the stage set up to music selection to the designs and the range of models it will be a complete new treat to the Goan Fashion Industry. The show will be one of its kind and a fabulous one that the industry has ever witnessed.

Grooming & Choreography by Swati Jain, International Runway model.

What is glamour according to you?

Glamour to me is Liberation, Power and Elegance. Liberation means a lot. One has to be liberated from the old school of thought so as to set the best modern mind set to creep in. Power and Elegance is the additional button to glamour. Glamour without elegance can be ridiculous.

How did you start your journey in this fashion industry?

I am always driven to stand out. From being a graphic designer to a photographer my eyes always searched for something different to show case. That’s why I thought of bringing the best in the fashion to my show Fashion Fuzion Nite.

Swati Jain : Grooming partner & Chorographer
Shravvya Reddy: Actress, model and Celebrity DJ all set to glam up FFN as showstopper

You would have conducted many shows around the world which is your favorite and memorable

Shaykh Junaid, the leading actor and model who walks the ramp is the celebrity guest

show or you can say which show was the most memorable one till now?

Yes, a decade + !!! Many countries, many shows… Anyhow, I am pretty sure that Fashion Fuzion Nite 2018 will be my memorable show.


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