Foodies, listen- here is this Smoked Tofu Tortilla Rolls Recipe

Foodies, listen- here is this Smoked Tofu Tortilla Rolls Recipe

Tofu, yet bland but one of the most nutritious ways to a healthy life and at the same is also quite a delicacy to please meat lovers and vegetarians as well. A soy product like tofu is a source of complete protein, which in general you don’t get in many plant based foods.
But, what if, you turn it into a smoky and bar-be-queued delicacy? The answer is straight forward – EVERYONE WILL RELICS AND THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL SERVINGS.

Now, you must be thinking of where to get smoked tofu and how to convert it into a mouth-watering delicacy. Smoked tofu is not difficult to get. You get it ready made at any food store or supermart or you can make it at home in an electric smoker or even over a smoke pan. As for the recipes, find below:

Smoked Tofu Tortilla Rolls

Nothing could be more enticing than this Tex Mex special. The mouth water rolls enriched with the goodness of super healthy tofu can be one of your favourite choice for breakfasts, tiffin for your kids, a great snack for your home kitty party, the perfect evening snack and a great replacement for a light dinner.


 Smoked tofu
Smoked tofu, cut into pieces : 200 g pack


Olive or vegetable oil
Olive or vegetable oil : 2 tsp




Onions, cut each of them into twelve wedges
Onions, cut each of them into twelve wedges : 2 nos.


Romano peppers, sliced and deseeded
Romano peppers, sliced and de-seeded : 2 nos.


Coriander, chopped and picked : a small pack


Grounded cumin
Grounded cumin : 2 tsp


Smoked paprika
Smoked paprika, hot : 1 tsp


Kidney beans, drained and rinsed
Kidney beans, drained and rinsed : 400 gm


Cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes : 400 gm


Soft, dark brown sugar
Soft, dark brown sugar : 1 tsp


Wheat tortillas
Wheat tortillas : 1 packet


CORN- a little


Limes : 2 nos.


Ripe avocado
Ripe avocado, stoned and peeped : 1 slice


Sour cream and thick yoghurt
Sour cream and thick yoghurt : a little

Preparation Method:

• In a large frying pan heat oil and add the peppers and onions. Cook on a high temperature until starting to char and tender, for around 8 to 10 minutes and then season.

• Next add the coriander stems and cook for around 1 minute while stirring. Then cook for two minutes more after you have seasoned it until fragrant. Continuously keep stirring.

• Tip in the sugar, tomatoes, beans and tofu. Cook until tofu is heated through and the sauce is dry, for around five minutes on the flame.

• Following pack instructions to warm the tortillas. Squeeze of lime and add the coriander leaves. You should taste the sauce to decide whether you will need to season it more.

• Use the virgin olive oil to drizzle over and roll all the ingredients in the tortilla to make a perfect roll.

• Serve with soured cream or yogurt, avocado and lime wedges.


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