Goa's Fashionista Joemy Barneto speaks about her life, fashion et al

Goa’s Fashionista Joemy Barneto speaks about her life, fashion et al


Beauty doesn’t always come by birth. A bit of glam touch in your clothing can change your looks a hundred time bigger. Bet, you dont have any counter point.

Here is this brilliant designer from Goa who has kept Fashion at her toes. Her brand Eternity Couture sizzles any girl who wears it. She is specialized in Bridal Gowns.

Know more about Joemy Barneto through this interview.

You have been a part of many great shows. Can you share some of your experiences?

I have done fashion shows and would love to keep adding feathers of fashion to my cap.    Every show is a new experience for me to broaden the horizons of high fashion.

How did you choose your career, were you passionate about it from childhood?

Yes, passionate is not the word but it’s the craze that I had for fashion from the young age of 10. I pursued my law studies in V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, Goa. It didn’t stop there, I pursued my passion for hair, fashion and now I’m a celebrity hair stylist, fashion designer, and an image and fashion consultant too. I believe that nothing can kill the passion if you continue dreaming. Dreaming doesn’t cost, It only makes your worth be realized.

Tell us about your childhood, family etc

My childhood was very entertaining. Dreams of ambition changed everyday like every other child. My mum and dad used to awe my mischief in creativity.

What is your take on fashion, like say, size zero?

Fashion is what any size wears doesn’t have to necessarily be size zero. It’s the way you carry yourself. Fashion is what you dress and style is the way you wear yourself in that attire.

Have you done for films? Any plans?

For films, I have contracts at my hand. I would love to accomplish my dreams of setting my fashion on the red carpet in Bollywood and Hollywood.

Considering Indian climate, how often should an average woman take skin/ hair treatments?

Taking care of skin and hair is a part of the universal ritual. So this ritual should be followed till the end of time. Normally 15 days in case of body treatments and 30 days in case of face and hair.

Nowadays men also seem to be interested in make ups. How do see the changes in the attitude of men over the time?

Touch-wood men are indeed feeling they have to give women a head turner in return too. Beauty and fashion is the updated universal body language now on.

People of Goa are open-minded and frank. How do you judge Goa as a market compared to other fashion cities like Bangalore and Mumbai?

Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai are the metros of fashion and flamboyance in style updates. But Goa is Goa and going through fashion changes almost every day. It is one thing Goa can’t and won’t resist.

What are your current projects?

A couple of films and a couple of fashion show at the moment and there would more to come in future. It will be out once finalized.

As a woman entrepreneur from Goa, how do you feel it to be on top? Who all helped you in the process?

As a women entrepreneur I’m proud be Goan for taking and representing Goa both national and international. I hold my success to my mum and dad for their blessings and my husband as well for making me stronger, training me in the cross fit arena of business.

As a person who is willing to help and support others, what do you want to tell other budding woman entrepreneurs of the fashion industry?
To the budding trend setters out there, believe and it will happen. Every negativity has positivity inside it. I would not say help; I love to support anyone who wants. I only have one reaction to my achievements and that’s “What’s my next?”

Your assets mean to you?

Education, I would never forget my parents and their sacrifice for me to do what I want. Their support has given me a backing of achieving honors in Law, a celebrity fashion designer, hairstylist and makeup artist, image consultant and fashion stylist.

Being yourself is? 

Being myself is being selfless, being independent, being having the stubbornness to achieve and get up even if I fail without

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