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The Good Samaritan of Holland!

In the pandemic era on September’s eve, I pick up my phone to hear disturbing news from my dear friend Karolina (name changed) who traveled from Italy to the Philippines with transit in Amsterdam. Her flight from Amsterdam to the Philippines was canceled immediately intimated the Embassy of her ongoing predicaments. A helpless and hapless victim on the situation she was a solitary, shattered, and stranded young lady walking from pillar to post in search of help remained entrapped in the Amsterdam International Airport.  

Adding fuel to the fire was the expiry of her visa on that very day.  With emotions at stake, compounded misery coupled with mounting fear of detention, anxiety over lack of shelter, and uncertainty of continuing her voyage to the Philippines knew none in Amsterdam.  Exhausted, unaided, and broken, she lost her battle in seeking assistance from the airline agency.   


rosita bhagwadin

Not knowing whom to reach out to in such unconventional hours, I reached out to a God sent Angel, Ms. Rosita Bhagwandin, who was thousands of miles away from me and quinqua miles away from Karolina.  The moment I explained this worrisome crisis, she instantly uttered ‘do not worry; I would go to the airport myself to attend to her…’ Her beautifully coined words of reassurance to assist a total stranger left tears rolling in my eyes. I was assured that my dear friend was in the safe hands of the Good Samaritan of Holland in a foreign land.

Ms. Rosita Bhagwandin instantaneously organized a safe place for abandoned Karolina with a bedrock of protection to stay. I remain grateful to her that my friend had a safe roof over her head – that night there were two souls in the secure arms of Morpheus! 

On the dawn of September, Ms. Rosita Bhagwandin bestowed serious attention to Karolina’s concurring predicaments.  As Karolina was impatient, stressed, starving, and penniless, her phone rings with a soft notification of an email from the Embassy that brought good news and great joy. ‘With the reference of Ms. Rosita Bhagwandin, it confirmed Karolina’s travel to the Philippines on a Repatriation flight, assuring visits by the Attention Officers from the Embassy to render further re-assurance the very same day, with instruction to provide food until her stay in Amsterdam and funds to commute to the airport.’  As I heard this, I was awestruck and Karolina remained humble and speechless.  

Hungry Karolina, was never hungry again! She was now self-sufficient and content and decided to walk along the streets of Amsterdam.  Warned to stay away from the vicinity of certain streets and constantly monitored by the God-sent Angel, Karolina’s stay in Amsterdam was indeed safe and secure. 

The Good Samaritan of Holland went the extra mile on the day Karolina was scheduled to travel. Yet again, she coordinated with the Embassy officials to escort Karolina to Amsterdam airport. Her endless compassion is fathomless and her thoughtfulness will always be treasured. 

As Karolina landed safely in the Philippines, words are powerless to express our gratitude to Ms. Rosita Bhagwandin, a rare concoction of unique multi-faceted personality with humane qualities.  As I phoned her to thank her, she said ‘I am happy to help when I can and it makes me even happier to see others smile…’  

This God sent Angel cared for us an awful lot and inspired us within a span of 48 hours.  She took the common courtesy to an uncommon level, her genuine affection, and zeal to facilitate a stranger left an imprint in our hearts. Her kind act of gesture has invoked, infused, and kindled our spirits and today we vow ‘to help strangers, be selfless and go the extra mile,’ and our heart is smiling, it will – always and forever with immense humility. 

Life transcends for many, in Karolina’s, case her voyage did too on a safe and happy note…

About the Author

Maffy Devadoss

Maffei Devadoss is a bright, talented and ambitious lawyer with 5 years of legal experience in the United Kingdom and India. Has a proven record of providing effective advice to clients delivering positive outcomes.
Maffei did both Bachelors and Masters Degree in Law from the City Law School, London. She did internships with two of the most prestigious law firms in London (UK) and the High Court Legal Aid Services Committee in India. Maffei has also participated in a number of conferences pertaining to the legal domain such as :

• National Leadership Conference, Chennai, India
• Regional Conference at National Green Tribunal, Chennai, India.
• Madras High Court Heritage Conference, Chennai, India.
• Merchant Shipping Conclave, Chennai, India.
• Legal Literacy Camp, Chennai, India
Maffei has also authored a number of publications on various topics relevant to the legal domain.
Maffei specializes in Environmental Law, Human Rights Law, Family Law (NRI Marriages), Land Law and Corporate Law. Maffei is also an accomplished mediator in resolving disputes between clients.

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