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Happy countries are Ranked : with Finland at the top…

Aishwerya Ravichandran

The analysis of the data based on the natural happiness of people living among countries present all over the world is published by the famous publications of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network every year. The analysis is based on various perspectives. The survey report ranks more than 100 countries every year by the happiness of the people living and the happiness of the people who are migrated.

This year report on world happiness had a deep survey of 156 countries based on their happiness level of the hosts and 117 countries based on their immigrants happiness.The vital point in the survey is the variation in the level of happy standards of people living in the various countries all over the world.The survey report is actually ranked on the basis of results from Gallup World Poll survey in the year 2015-17 ,the report is vitally upon the stability and the standard of living style of people .
Among the countries surveyed the top place is bagged by the Land of Swedish-Finland.The other countries in top 10 positions are bagged by the same countries with just a small swap in the places .The countries that shined in the top place in the recent previous report are Denmark,Switzerland,Norway and this year it is Finland.

The top countries is said to have a great values on all six key values that includes-

  • income of people,
  • healthy life style,
  • freedom of citizens,
  • social support by the society,
  • trust and
  • generosity.

The top ranked countries have just a minute changes that changes year by year.

The survey report for the previous year from 2008 exposes that the country Togo as a enormous development moving up by 17 places from the last position in the 2015 ranking, and the country that got down is Venenzula about 2.2 points out of 10 .
The report consists of 7 chapters out of them 5 chapters primarily deals with not only with people happy standards of host citizens but also with the migrants who come from various countries.Based on this note Finland stands top the aspects in general.

The ranking is mainly upon the happiness of the host and also the guests mainly upon lifestyle,society quality,income and also with the institutional support. The survey deals with a special effect called “Footprint Effect”which marks from 10%to 25%.This explains briefly the immigrant happiness is comparatively low on comparing with the host happiness are prevailing high among the least happier countries. This explanation becomes more in detail when the local attitude of migrants gets explained in the Annex of the new Gallup index of migrant acceptance.

The surveys tells the predominance of the happiness of people mainly depends on the social aspects of both the host and migrants depending on their relationships which is blown up in Latin America. The report ends with a focus on a 3 vital health problem that is threatening the world wide people. They include Obesity,The opiod crisis, Depression.The enormous part of discussion falls on United States,where all the 3 problem is growing day by day than other countries surveyed. India slips off 11 positions and ranks 133rd position which lags behind Pakistan standing at 75th position and China at 86th position.

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