How the meaning of the term “friend” is being belied by us today?

How the meaning of the term “friend” is being belied by us today?

Sasi Sharma

First of all, let me define the term friend for you again in my own words.“It’s just a person who’s truly and always by and on your side”. They may not actually be there but, you’ve probably understood what I meant. And you don’t have to keep making sure that this fact doesn’t get undermined; your friend does. That’s right. Your friend is one of your greatest well-wishers. To your friend, you’re like family. To your friend, you are important. And to your friend, you’re both smart and stupid (a remark which no one else gives).

All of the above interpretations were acknowledged a lot in the past, but not so much today. Today, a “true” friend is someone who likes all of your profile pictures and posts on Facebook and Instagram. A “sweet” friend is someone who tags you in every post with at least one hash tag that says or implies “eternal buddies who shall never part”.  A “great” friend is someone who always admits your victory in any argument you have, whether or they won. An “awesome” friend is someone who wishes you on your birthday by posting it to the public and not by giving a personal text or call. Notice the number of definitions and adjectives used. It means that friendship, today, is a measure those many parameters by everyone, both adults and teenagers. Small kids too are slowly being misled by this “parameter-based” life.

We’re all aware of the famous TV Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And we also wish that the kind of friendship displayed in the TV show existed among us. But what do we do instead? We post a picture of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S poster with a caption “Squad Goals”, or ” I’ll be there for you!” on our time lines and move on with the normal, “parameter-based” life.  How Ironical!!

The thing that ought to be noted about a friend is that they are connected to us by heart. That’s it. No other parameters. Importance is not conveyed by posts or likes. It’s conveyed by actual conversation. It feels good, you know. Having those loose trash talks with them. You miss someone? Don’t frequently put a status saying “Even in this random situation, I still think about you” and all that crap. (Believe me, after a certain point of time it will seem mawkish to readers). Send them a good-morning message, or a funny video. Engage in a conversation. Call them. Stay connected. And if you get into an argument, wait until both of you calm down and resolve it later. It will save you a lot of friends.

And finally, friendship day is not the only day your friends are important. As long as you’re connected, every day is friendship day. Think about it.

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