Impingement of technology among new generation

Impingement of technology among new generation

– Padmavathy Manoharan

Ask the younger generation of today, if they’d rather starve or go on a day without gadgets. This, of course, is a rhetoric question, because everyone knows the answer. Of course, they will choose to starve. Why blame just the younger generation! Their parents, uncles, aunts, and sometimes, even their grandparents are the ones to be blamed for getting addicted to today’s modern technology and unconsciously teaching their children the same.

Shout at others without respect, your child will do the same. Be affectionate to everyone, your child will do the same. Eat nastily, your child will eat the same way. Beat the mercy of technology always, your child will do the same. Now, who is to be blamed? The younger ones or the elder ones? I am not a gadget’s person and so I can boldly go on with this topic.

All these are mistakes that are unconsciously committed and then there’s something where people are forced to be the slaves of technology at their workplace. Today, there’s no work that could be done without the use of technology. Not just at work, even for studying at the school level, children are getting used to using gadgets. When I did my schooling, we used to listen carefully if the teacher informed anything, so that we don’t end up in trouble not knowing what the teacher told. Nowadays, students think, “why fear when there’s WhatsApp!” Even we do the same in our college. This might sound simple. But, thinking that we are however going to receive the information, the listening and grasping capacities are being squandered from today’s students. Moreover, the concept of reading books is completely out of the box, because Google is there for you, and if you have to see which one’s conducive, of course, Google will win the poll. I’m a literature student and I know the importance of reading. But, I also see students choosing not to read the books and preferring the easy way of using google. We would have thought all these as our simple daily routine. But it’s not. This is how we are using technology in a negative way thinking that we are developing ourselves.

Of course there highly productive sides of technology as well. But the problem is that people tend to depend on technology to an extent where they couldn’t expose their inner skills at times, ignoring the positive side of the technology.

All these could be merely accepted because people do it unconsciously. But there are some cheap hearted animals who use technology against girls and women through this cybercrime and stuff, which is so inhumane. Crimes like these are being done at the cost of many precious lives. But these kinds of offenses have been taken care of and are under control during recent times. The other worst part is children getting addicted to games. With such games, they start to create their own small world. The house that filled with lots and lots of gadgets and technologies, is no happier. Kids are the happiness of the house and they are silenced by this technology dependency. To what extent children are addicted to mobile phones can be obviously seen with an example, where the parents of the country have had sleepless nights because of a catastrophic mobile game called “blue whale”. Everyone knows the aftermath of the game. These are such instances where we are forced to admit the evil side of technology, though it has an, even more, better side.

It’s all about what we decide to choose when we have an ocean of good and bad gelled together.

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