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Why is it important to maintain a healthy body?


Weight loss refers to the act of shredding and losing the body fat that has accumulated into the body due to overeating or bad eating habits. Weight loss is a very slow process and a lot of effort has to be done in order to lose body fat and to tone body.
Many people do not understand the reason of why the weight loss process is slow for some while very fast for others. To check how much time you need to lose a goal weight, use weight loss calculator by calculators.tech. This is because of the metabolism rate. The rate of metabolism might be different among two people. Boosting the metabolism is also a very important thing especially when it comes to weight loss. People do not understand what metabolism basically is. Metabolism includes all the essential chemical processes and reactions taking place in the body of a person.

The initial days of the weight loss journey are very fast as the weight drops very quickly. On the other hand, when a couple of weeks pass, people notice that their weight has become stagnant and has stopped dropping. Usually, people start becoming hopeless and feel as if they cannot lose weight any further. However, it is just a perception. Basically, in the initial days, the body faces a new routine. You controlling your calories is a change in the body. But as soon as the body gets used to the new schedule or routine, the process becomes much slower and one feels as if their weight has become ‘’stuck’’.


Many people think that weight loss is just another way of body shaming yourself and feel comfortable in their own skin and body. Although, being comfortable with what you are is very important, but in some cases, it might be dangerous. Obesity and overweight are accompanied by numerous diseases. The diseases which might be so dangerous that they might end up imposing threats to the ‘’life’’ of a person. People do not understand some of these diseases until the situation gets worst. These diseases include heart diseases, stones of numerous types, such as kidney and gallbladder stones, and even certain cancers. So maintaining a healthy body is not only because you have to look in shape and good, but it is also because you have to live a healthy life. Your struggle will pay you off once you enter your ‘’old age’’. Hence, maintaining a healthy diet, balancing the appropriate amount of calories and etc., are extremely essential and the importance of it cannot be neglected.

Remember one thing before you step into your weight loss process, and that is, it requires patience. Numerous people get depressed and stress over the idea of how slow their weight is dropping. Well, if it is dropping, and you are doing everything right, then you do not have to worry about the speed with which it is falling. You have to do this for yourself. Going for an exercise with the diet plan is also very helpful. Exercise helps tone the body and also makes weight loss a fast process.


If you are a foodie but you now feel the need of controlling your diet, then you need not worry. There are numerous ‘’yummy’’ foods which you can consume and which will not only boost your taste buds but will also help you with your weight loss journey. 20 such food plans have been provided below. If you consume these and do some exercise, you yourself will see wonders happening within a month. These food plans are also known as the ‘’magical’’ food plans to lose weight.

1- Leafy green vegetables

Now, who doesn’t like salads? Salads can be spiced up the way you want but only include the healthy things. Use the leafy green vegetables as they are very low in calories. The vegetables will make you feel full but also help you with your weight loss journey. The green vegetables are enriched with fiber.

2- Beef and chicken

When it comes to weight loss, one must understand what their bodies need and what they must not. For weight loss, one must eat enough proteins while consuming less amount of carbohydrates. The protein-rich foods include beef and chicken on the top of the list. Beef and boiled chicken are very healthy for the body. Beef also provides iron to the body which is extremely good for the hemoglobin.

3- Eggs

Eggs are a person’s best friend especially if they intend on dieting. Nothing is better than eggs. Eggs are enriched with proteins and you can eat eggs in numerous forms. You can even use green vegetables and eggs to make things delicious. Eggs are a house of nutrients. The kind of nutrients that your body needs are for sure, present in eggs.

4- Fish

If you are a fish lover and would love to have fish especially when you are dieting. Then you must go for an oily fish specifically, a salmon. Inflammation is a cause of obesity and salmon, which is rich in fatty acids. The fatty acids found in salmon help in the reduction of inflammation.

5- Tuna

Now tuna is also a kind of fish. When it comes to weight loss, there are options other than salmon present such as tuna. Tuna has all that one needs to lose weight. Tuna is low in calories and on the other hand, it is a densely packed with proteins. And the blend is perfect for the loss of weight. Proteins are also preferred by the bodybuilders and therefore, tuna is their favorite.

6- Potatoes

Numerous people love potatoes but think they are high in calories and therefore they must not be consumed. However, if you love potatoes but think you should not eat them for they are unhealthy, then you can eat them by boiling them. Boiled, mash potatoes with a hint of soy sauce will be the best diet food you have ever consumed. However, remember that French fries are for sure, unhealthy. Boiled potatoes are full of resistant starches. They keep you feel full and your calorie level low.

7- Different types of soups

Soups can be of numerous different types. You know that for dieting purposes, water is extremely important. You can just add water to your food. You can make vegetable soup, chicken soups and etc. Soups are very easy to make and very tasteful. Soup has fewer calories than the food in the solid state and also makes one feel fuller than solid food does.

8- Whole Grains

Talking about whole grains, it must be kept in mind that the selection of the ‘’right’’ type of whole grains is very important. The dietary fiber present in whole grains causes bowel movements. Cereals and brown rice can be a great help in weight loss.

9- Fruits

Obviously, when one hears the word ‘’weight loss’’ then fruits automatically come in a person’s mind. Fruits are a person on diet’s best friend. You can even go for fruit diets and numerous diets include the consumption of fruits. Apple has positive calories in it. The small number of calories that you intake from apple, can be easily burnt. Fruit diets also bring a very positive impact on your skins as it polishes the skin and brings the inner glow out. Fruits are also very beneficial for hair.

10- Coconut oil

Cooking food in coconut oil is very healthy. Coconut oil is very helpful for burning of calories. Basically, coconut oil has fatty acids in it. The fatty acids make it a very healthy thing to consume. However, remember not to sprinkle your coconut oil over the food because it might not be as beneficial.

11- Seeds

There are countless things which can be eaten when one is on a diet. However, many people do not consider how beneficial seeds can be during a diet and specifically mentioning the ‘’chia’’ seeds. Chia seeds are packed with fiber but extremely low in carbs. Well, what else does one need then?

12- Yogurt

All biology students know, that yogurt contains bacteria. If you are a dairy product lover, then you must consume yogurt in your diet. What yogurt does, is basically making your gut active. Just like dietary fibers, beneficial for bowel movements. However, you must choose the full-fat yogurt.

13- Cheese

Cheese is another dairy product which can be consumed during dieting. If you are on a protein diet and your goal is to consume fewer carbohydrates, then know that cottage cheese is your new best friend. You can consume as much of cottage cheese as you want to.

14- Nuts

It is said, that a hand full of nuts are ideal for the loss of weight. Nuts have everything in moderate and balanced amounts and so, they make an excellent food for you when you decide to diet. Nuts are also very good for your skin and hair. And so, if you are getting a low-calorie food which will bring countless advantages to you, then why not go for nuts? They are everything that you need.

15- Smoothies

Smoothie diet is very famous for weight loss. You can make different flavored smoothies and see how your weight falls. Also, every smoothie has a benefit, depending on the type of flavor that you make.

16- Avocados

There are two different types of fats. The negative ones and the positive ones. You can consume as many positive fats as you want without worrying about the fact that it might build up the negative calories because of such fats do not. This can be implemented on avocados as well. It is extremely effective for cutting the belly fat.

17- Berries

Are you a huge fan of berries? Well, if you are one, then you cannot be blamed. Berries, not only taste superb but are also super beneficial for you. The different types of berries can be used to make different types of things. You can even go for berry juices. Blueberries are very low in fat and are densely packed with fiber. They will not only make your belly feel full but will also make you feel healthier.

18- Grapefruit

And here comes another fruit. The very famous, ‘’grapefruit’’. Insulin is a hormone which is a home for fat. Insulin can be lowered by the consumption of grapefruit. Grapefruit is full of water and hence, you can consume this fruit in a very high quantity and can lose a decent amount of weight.

19- Green tea

And now comes the very famous, green tea. Even if you are not losing weight, green tea is very healthy and known to boost up the digestion process. After heavy meals, it is preferred that one must consume at least one cup of green tea to balance out everything and to make yourself feel lighter and happier. Green tea works as an anti-oxidant. Filtering out all the harmful chemicals from your body and making you urinate more and more which is very helpful for the loss of weight. Urination can be very helpful for the loss of weight. And green tea causes you to urinate more and more. The ideal amount is about five cups in a day.

20- Pine nuts

And here comes another type of nuts known as ‘’pine nuts’’. All the good materials present in almonds are also found in pine nuts. These mini little things are a treat for you. Pine nuts are extremely famous for helping people lose weight without them cutting out a lot of fat and without extending the times of exercise. Pine nuts are very vital for the burning of belly fat and you can consume it in as much amount as you like. Pine nuts are also very tasteful and delicious and many people love eating them even when they do not know how of a helpful they are in weight loss. Well, now these pine nut lovers will consider themselves ‘’lucky’’.

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