India's first natural black alkaline water Evocus H2O

India’s first natural black alkaline water Evocus H2O streams its way to Goa

AV Organics, the maker of India’s first mineral-rich, black alkaline water Evocus H2O has launched the brand in Goa. The launch is a part of AV Organics’ vision to offer products that provide consumers with immunity boosting and detoxification via optimum hydration.
Vadodara-based start-up started selling Evocus H2O in June 2019. The revolutionary alkaline water is enriched with 70+ natural minerals imparting its unique black colour. Being 100% natural, it provides sustained hydration, better detoxification, reduced acidity & balanced pH levels in the body, improved metabolism and heightened alertness. Moreover, a zero contributor to glucose calories and carbs, it is also an exceptional nutrient booster for the new-age consumers and millennial who are always on the go.

Available in four recyclable variants; 500 ML PET bottle, 250 ML PET bottle, 505 ML PET bottle and 330 ML Glass bottle, Evocus H2O has been rated 4.5* out of 5 on Amazon by its customers. Thus, the brand is now equally focusing on its offline expansion plan, aiming to reach out to the consumers of Goa to encourage wellness and better living through optimum hydration and detoxification. Evocus H2O is available at Goa international airport, major 4 and 5 star hotels, clubs, casinos, restaurants (Fisherman’s Cove, Curlies, De Baga Deck, Leos’, etc.), e-commerce websites (, Swiggy and Amazon, Retail chains like Magson, Delfinos, Oxford, AJ Supermarket, DG Mart and major chain of supermarkets across Goa), pharmacies and food courts.
Speaking on the launch, Mr. Aakash Vaghela, Founder and Managing Director, AV Organics said, “Launching in Goa has been a part of our aggressive expansion plan to become more visible and reach most of the TIER 1 and TIER 2 markets by March 2021. Helping consumers with immunity boosting has been a core focus since the inception of our brand, and it’s good to see that the recent times have reawakened people’s desire to take control of their health. In fact, after seeing a lot of repeat purchases online and offline, we are glad that consumers are shifting towards a conscious living by making simple changes in their lifestyle.”

With the market for premium water pegged at INR 900 crore and expected to grow at a CAGR of 22 per cent, AV Organics had invested $1 million in setting up a fully-automated manufacturing and bottling plant in Vadodara, Gujarat. The facility has a capacity of producing 40 million bottles per year. The company has so far invested $1.5 million in operations and plans to raise more to meet its target of selling 3-5 million bottles of Evocus by June 2021.

Product Introduction:

Evocus is no ordinary water; it is a premium, revolutionary, new-age, alkaline bottled water, that gets its unique black colour from nature’s 70+ minerals, sourced from the depth of the Earth. 100% natural, Evocus is delivered to you, untouched by human hand, bottled in a fully automated, sterile and a state-of-the-art plant. EVOCUS provides you with superior hydration, better detoxification, improved metabolism and heightened alertness, all through the day, day after day. Evocus is your feel good factor, health signature, style statement and game changing water with a difference– all in one bottle.


How it’s made:

Evocus is a very unique water and is made in two parts.

1) We extract the core mineral complex from the crust of the Earth, at a rare deposit located in Texas, USA. We then refine it at a refining facility using a unique process, in Texas spearheaded by renowned scientist Dr. Norbert Chirase (PhD Nutrition and Wellness). Dr. Chirase is a member of our board, principal scientist and Chief mentor.

2) In the second part, we bring these refined mineral complex to India and by way of our own unique formulations and process, we infuse these minerals into fully purified river water and enrich the water.

Evocus has a pH of 9+ and 70+ naturally occurring minerals. These minerals are naturally black in colour, which in turn gives the black colour to the water. To maintain the naturalness of the product, we do not do any chemical processing in the water.

Detailed explanation of the benefits: 

Naturally ALKALINE, with high pH value, Evocus offers constant protection against acidity arising from rich foods, imbalanced diets, inadequate or inappropriate liquid intake, and many other causes. It minimises the need for pharmaceutical cures for acidity and allied problems so frequent in present-day consumers.

  1. Evocus’ mineral content provides SUPERIOR, SUSTAINED HYDRATION. Evocus hydrates consumers to a greater extent than water, providing more sustained hydration too. Therefore, consumers can rely on Evocus hydrating them faster while keeping them hydrated for longer periods too.
  2. Today, consumers ingest unhealthy quantities of pesticides and chemicals through daily foods, both ‘natural’ and processed. Their bodies are also exposed to other toxins via food packaging, air and water pollution, and more. These toxins get embedded in our cells, leading to discomfort, ill-health and long-term disease risks. The balanced, natural mineral content in Evocus helps break down these toxins in our cells, simultaneously purifying our bloodstream, helping the body excrete such toxins more fully and regularly. Detoxification is a sustained benefit Evocus provides.
  3. Although detoxification is a huge benefit to human health and well-being, Evocus goes further. Its natural minerals enhance the absorption and processing of all the nutrients in our food, allowing our bodies to absorb more of the goodness in all that we eat and drink. This enhanced and improved metabolismis the fourth key benefit of Evocus.
  4. All the above – alkalinity, better hydration, detoxification and improved metabolism – directly contribute to a higher, more sustained level of alertness in consumers, young and old. Regular intake of Evocus over time will not only result in healthier, alert individuals, it will also help minimise the risk of myriad disorders and diseases.

Manufacturing facility:

The Company (AVO) has set up a fully-automated manufacturing and bottling plant, with an allied R&D unit spread across 50,000 square feet in Vadodara.  The plant has pharma-grade facilities and all production is done under HVAC clean room environment, ensuring highest level of food safety and sterility. We are proud owner of the unique formulation to create this water in India. The manufacturing facility is certified by international standards mentioned below:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium)

Existing Retail Partners:

  • Online: Amazon, Snapdeal and Paytm Mall
  • Offline: 24Seven, Food Hall, Needs, Modern Bazaar, Le Marche, Delfino, Q Mart, Nilgiri’s, etc. and will be shortly available in health & wellness stores like Apollo Pharmacy etc.

Existing HORECA partners:

  • Hyatt, Radisson, Radisson Blu, Golden Tulip, Marriott, Trident, Hotels, etc., and corporate partners like Amazon, Dell, Deloitte, Oracle, TCS, Wipro
  • Airport presence with 100+ partners at five airports (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Chennai International Airport, Kolkata Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Goa International Airport, and Mangaluru International Airport)

For more information, please visit:

Aakash Vaghela (Founder & MD at AV Organics LLP)

 Aakash Vaghela is Founder & MD at AV Organics LLP, the makers of mineral-rich, black alkaline water Evocus. An enterprising professional, with new business development as his core strength, Aakash is spearheading all the business functions including, sales and distribution across the target market, team expansion and setting up the manufacturing facility. Through his farsighted business acumen and extensive international exposure & experience, Aakash brings in a fresh perspective to the business and aims to build a strong foundation for AV Organics’ success in India’s FMCG sector.

A BBA graduate in Management & Operations from Symbiosis University, Pune, Aakash completed his post-graduation in Global Business Management from Regent’s College, London University. Prior to the formation of AV Organics, Aakash established the Emerald Group – Vadodara and continues to lead it as the Managing Partner, where he is instrumental in driving new relationships and business development through his innate negotiation skills. In the past 8 years, he has spearheaded 7-8 massive real estate projects under the banner Emerald in Vadodara.

As a health-conscious person, Aakash had apprehended the importance of mineral-rich hydration for India and introducing Alkaline water as a healthy substitute for regular water. After identifying the gap and the underlying opportunity in the Indian beverage market, he set out to find a solution and incorporated Evocus – a brand of unique black Alkaline water under his banner AV Organics. He aims to revolutionise the bottled water division with his “Functional Water” brand as a natural and healthy alternative in the market.

In his spare time, Aakash loves to channelise his inner adrenaline junkie by participating in activities like sky-diving, water jet packing, scuba diving, and other sports



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