Innovative methodology for teaching new-gen pre-school children

Innovative methodology for teaching new-gen pre-school children

Sreedevi Rajesh 

It’s an everyday challenge for a pre-school teacher to find new and better ideas to make her class lively and interesting for her peers. Basically pre-schoolers are between 2 and 3 ½ yrs of age. To seek their attention and make the class interesting is the main gage for a pre-school teacher. Here, are some innovative ideas for meeting your challenges.

Thematic Welcome

The first task in a pre-schooler’s day is his/her transition from home to school. The toddlers should get a happy welcome at school. The teacher should be ornamented with a hearty smile and open broad hands to receive them into the class. As a preparation for the class, the teacher should also welcome children with concept related accessories in their hand. It can be a puppet, flashcard, figures, or a toy. It can also be a rhyme, a song or a handshake. All it should have is an attention seeking factor. The welcome accessory which would strike their sight will surely raise many questions in their mind too which obviously while answering would drag attention.

Attractive Classroom

Children at pre-school spends most of the time in the classroom. It is from there they get new concepts. So the ambience of the classroom plays a vital role in making them think about the topic and cultivate an interest in it. Here, a teacher should be more creative in arranging and equipping the class with various aids. It can be charts, flashcards, toys, etc…It should be attractive, colourful, fun filled, large in size, or any other thoughtful ways according to the teacher’s skills. This would help to capture the attention of toddlers, think about it and ask questions about it and explore more.

Creative thinking

Just like a stimulating classroom the teacher should also be creatively brilliant. Teaching subjects orally may not be that perceptive. It is chancy as the children may loose attention easily. But visuals always capture more attention and if it is creatively done, will remain in mind. So creative visual training is important. Practical experiences too plays an important role in understanding things. It can be brought in action by engaging children in new and different playful activities and equipments. This helps to put up their creative skills and explore new areas of interest. They also get new ideas to complete a given task.


This is an interesting method of teaching where talents of toddlers will be brought out while learning. It helps in inhibitory control by coming out of their comfort zone. By doing role play, children could easily catch the concept and understand how useful these are in daily life.

Puppet show

Children always like stories and motion pictures. If the story is said with the help of puppets in a puppet theatre the impact doubles. The actions and movements of the puppets and the interesting simple dialogues knocks their heart. The moral of the story should also be conveyed with explanation.

Outdoor sessions

It will not always be happy for toddlers to spend their quality time inside the classroom. To make the class lively and refreshing outdoor sessions are necessary. This gives a direct interaction with the environment and child, making them learn things easier than when briefed. They could also feel a sense of freedom while learning. Also they understand how things are applied practically in life. Outdoor activities include water play and sand play too. Today as children are far away from environment, water and sand play imparts direct contact between child and environment. This helps in developing immunity and resistivity.

Assessments methods

‘How cognitive is a child???’. This has to be assessed time to time. For this instead of doing usual examination method new innovative methods can be applied. It can be assessed through play, various other activities, conversation, observation and many other tasks accordingly. This helps to get rid of the fear of exposure before others.

Puzzles and games

It’s a method in which children learn through play. They learn things with fun filled games, unknowingly that they are studying something new. They also learn to be patient and face challenges. Readiness to accept failure is another advantage. They also show willingness to share with others.

Musical Play Store

Children love music and rhymes. They learn new words and movements according to the rhythm. They understand how to convey things through actions. Teacher can make them do rhythmic exercises with music which they would enjoy while doing.

Audio and video learning

Visuals are more sharp than oral lessons. Video learning sessions can be added up with teaching plans which will help to improve listening and easily grasp the concepts. Audio sessions helps to develop the thinking skills.

Thinking skills

As mentioned above, audio sessions obviously stimulates thinking skills. But there are other methods like colour and shape sorting, dough play, lacing etc…which helps in brainstorming. They get new ideas through random process of thinking which builds up their creativity. Questionnaire is another way. Questions about familiar subjects should be asked. Each answer they give boosts their level of confidence too.


A teacher should teach the child to take great effort to do a task. For this interesting ideas should be brought in. Encouragement is another factor to make them take the efforts. Small funny tasks can be given to the child and cheer them up to reach completion. An appreciation after taking the effort binds up confidence urging the child to taking more efforts in future.

Multiple tasking

Children are now exposed to a competent world. They should be good in various tasks. To make them able creative tasks can be given. They can be added to cut papers using scissors under supervision and create shapes or pictures with it. Ask them to pick and sort alphabets or numbers in order from a mix up with a particular coloured one. Or do activities like jumping or hopping by counting numbers….. Here the child is facing a challenge of doing a task along with other. This also develops presence of mind. Concentration and eye-hand coordination are another great advantages.

Story telling

Children are always eager to hear stories. Stories builds up imagination. They also learn morals in life through stories. Teachers can ask simple questions based on the stories. Also she can stop the story in between and ask them to complete through their imagination. This improvrs their communication skills too. Lessons also can be introduced as stories which would create a picture in their mind and helps to remember easily.

Funny charts

Anything you see everyday is hard to move from your mind. The charts and flashcards you prepare for related concepts exhibited in the classroom seals in the young mind deeply. Teacher can make it funny, colourful and attractive to capture attention.

Snack time

Teachers can introduce concepts during snack time too. They can ask the children to bring variously shaped or coloured fruits or vegetables. Can give small briefing about tastes and need of different foods. Consciousness about health can be cultivated in them through the teacher’s words.

Activity sheets

The letters, numbers and concepts taught should be practiced on papers apart from visualising or hearing. For this activity sheets can be provided foe solving. Simple activities like matching, colouring, pairing etc can be introduced. This is also a track record of their various skills.

Daily revision

When children learn newer things they have a proneness to forget older lessons. So revision on a daily basis is important. Starting a day with revised lessons will help to remember whole academics.

Apart from the ideas mentioned above a teacher can incorporate her own brilliant methods and strategies for quality teaching eventhough he/she feels it as experimental. Above all, a teacher should be a playmate, a friend an anytime story-teller, a singer, a dancer and of course a substitute parent. If you ask for the reason “WHY?” ,I would take this opportunity to tell from my own experience that, “A teacher is the greatest icon for every toddler than anyone they finds in their little world. Their “Teacher” is their GOD”.

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