Kerala Fashion Festival is a different set up altogether- says Jude Felix

Kerala Fashion Festival is a different set up altogether- says Jude Felix

If we say that Jude Felix is all in all in the fashion industry, it won’t be a hyped statement. He is into designing, model co-ordination, event planning, wedding planning… ah, and lot more!
He is one of the Show Directors of the upcoming Kerala Fashion Festival 2018. It was a pleasant chat with him over phone and this is how he shared his wonderful thoughts with team Talismanian.

Inspiration is the key factor behind everyone’s success. Who is, or was your inspiration?

Well, I didn’t have any inspiration. Since I was in college I had fascination for fashion. So I started doing my own styling. I started it by designing my cousins’ wedding attires. People say you need to have inspiration, yea , but I just go with the flow.

You own many titles like Show Director, Fashion Choreographer, Stylist, Model Groomer, Wedding Planner and a lot more. How do you manage your busy schedules?

I am show director, model groomer, fashion designer, event planner, stylist and when it comes necessary, Iam a bit of an emcee too! (giggles)… It’s been 30 years in the industry. Way back from my college days, I had passion for style and fashion. Gradually, my passion turned into my profession. Being in the industry for quite a long time, I got exposure to do shows across the country and got to come across lot of interesting characters. I usually plan my events and shows so that there is no hush bush at the last moment. Every show and events are new experiences, actually. That’s why I plan my timings.

My first profession was nothing to do with fashion. I was a hotelier. Since then I had the passion for doing events, I started hosting events at the hotel. We used to have events like annual celebrations wherein we used to organize fashion shows inside the hotels I’ll be the upfront guy to organize all these things and it always remained with me. Then I changed my profession to fashion designing.

It is natural that everyone will have their own unique way of doing things. What is the uniqueness of your designs and tell us about a particular fashion trend that you want to go with again and again?

One trait I always keep doing is wearing my denims, my white T-s and black T-s. Black and white T-s have always been in the trend. It’s very casual as well and u can mix and match with anything like jackets so that it looks fantastic. So jeans and white and black T-s have always been my favourite and that’s the trend I usually carry with me.

Can you share about your family and the support from them on your profession?

I am from a very large family of eight members and I am the youngest. So my family has been very supportive and I am the only one doing the out of the box jobs like events and designing. All my siblings are into professions like teaching, interior designing etc. But then, they have all been supportive, especially my mom. My mom was very supportive. She never stopped me from doing anything.

Tell us about your participation in the upcoming big event Kerala Fashion Festival 2018?

In the upcoming Kerala Fashion Festival, I am one of the show directors and I am looking forward to it. I am also coordinating with models. We recently had an audition that’s a huge responsibility. Its going to be a fabulous show as we have designers coming from all over India. And a good line of models, most of them from Kerala- an array of pretty and interesting faces. Lot of fresh faces being introduced basically. So it’s going to be a rocking show. In Kerala Fashion Festival – season 1 each segment is going to be dramatic. Lot of planning has been made , it’s getting to be a different setup all together.

What was the most exciting moment in your career?

One of the dream come true is when I did the Madhura Garments Stage show. It was a great experience as I got to work with Tom McClellon, who does New York Fashion Week and I had a great experience with him. It was a fantastic experience. This show was done in Bangalore and Goa way back in 1999. It was a great experience.

What are the current projects that you are working on?

Upcoming projects  Kerala Fashion Festival, VFW – International Fashion Event happening Dubai wherein designers from Newyork, Paris and other fashions hubs will be present. I also have International Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore annual show. It’s kinda busy schedule, but I love it.

Any tips for the upcoming designers?

It depends on the designers. Keep it simple, comfy, when you wear something, you should be confident and keep the trends on because your eyes and ears have to be wide open to know what is happening in and around. I definitely wear something which makes me comfortable and look confident on it. I mix and match my wardrobe oldies with something new so that people wonder, you’ve got something new…

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