Manali adventure: The awesome experience of Mountain Rappelling

Manali adventure: The awesome experience of Mountain Rappelling

This is a continuation of the former article,  Manali adventure: Remembering the monk who sold his Ferrari

We Woke up at 5.30 am. A brand new excitement, new place and the snoring of the fellow campers left me pass through a shallow sleep the entire night. A person who lay besides me shouted “ Mahendra Bahubali” in the midst of night. Others gathered around him wondering! We could then make out that it was because of the Accute Mountain Sickness ( AMS). We recollected what our doctor-trainer has narrated about the AMS during the last day’s mock trek.
After finishing the morning chores we were called for a PT ( Physical Training ) session at around 6.30am. A new batch of 50 people joined us for the session.
Breakfast was served.

By around 8.30 am we were called for mountain rappelling. Mountain rappelling is a procedure in which the adventurers had to descend through a steep or vertical rock face in a controlled manner with the help of the rope tied to the body.
We walked to the spot for mountain rappelling that was 2 km away from the Manali base camp. We were introduced to the rock which had that dangerously steep slope descending towards a scary view. The leader kept instructing the campers and told that the logic is that our leg should be at a 90 degree angle with the face of the rock. I was tied with a nylon rope and asked to step. I felt a bit scared by the bottom view and asked the instructor to spare me from the first chance.
So I attempted for the adventure after the fifth person. I kept keenly watching all those who did it successfully before me. Though I taught myself to be brave enough to accomplish the task, the view from the cliff of the rock scared me all the way. I closed my eyes and knew that my steps weren’t perfectly placing. Somehow I finished the task and noticed that none of them ( including the instructor) were watching. Everyone was busy with their own excitements and fears. So, as I knew that I wasn’t noticed and since I did not have a perfect rappelling, I thought of doing it again. Went to the person who ties rope on us and smiled. I requested him to tie the rope, but he knew that I had completed it already. I pleaded him and he finally agreed to give me one more chance after everyone finishing.
The second chance:
This time I was confident. I was brave. As I descended, the entire nature poured on me what it had hidden from me all these years – an escatic wonder – a wonder that only the mother nature could gift. This time my eyes were open, not even a blink obstructed the wonderful sights. It was one wonderful moment. Those two minutes repeats in my mind in seconds and milliseconds.


Back to the camp
We were taken back to the camp. The day’s only program was the repelling. Post lunch we had a class on “ Packing bags “ for the next day’s trekking. The bag’s weight had to be in proportion with the body weight. Unnecessary things were rejected and some specific items were to be carried.
I inquired some of the trekkers who went before us on what all to carry. I had bought a bag for this purpose from my home town. YHAI also offered bags for the trekkers. I decided to go for the bag which YHAI gave as it had more pouches and was made with a thicker material.
Once the packing was done, the bag has to be shown to the camp leader. The camp leader examines it and checks whether the weight is okay for our body weight. Mine was perfectly fine but a few of the female campers had to undergo repacking as they stuffed makeup kitties in it. It was a 7 day trek and alas, it was unimaginable for gals to carry a bag- no matter for what purpose it was – without makeup kits!
Mean while a new romance was blooming on my fellow camper. We were from camp named CP11. The buddy got attracted to a girl from the camp, CP12. He would have taken inspiration from the trainers words. Anyhow we were all set to support him in his “love at first sight”.

We were told that it was safe to carry a long stick while going for trekking. There were merchants who sold the sticks. We bought sticks from them.
It was the final night in the camp. The point was that this was the camp that had electricity in it. The camps set for the coming days did not have electricity. So we had to charge all electronics equipment like mobile phones and cameras. Went to sleep.
I turned side to side lying in the bed. I just couldn’t sleep as it was 6 months dream coming to reality! Next day was the trekking at Manali – One of the finest places in India!

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