Masinagudi - the evergreen sheer beauty that you should not want to miss

Masinagudi – the evergreen sheer beauty that you should not want to miss

Padmavathy Manoharan

The place ‘Masinagudi’ has set a trend among the youngsters who love adventures. For those who don’t know much about this place, this is for you.

Are you a person who like to go on adventures? You love traveling amidst dense dark forests? Don’t wait anymore. Pack your bags and post “Enroute Masinagudi”. It is a place packed with joyous adventures and you should be open to accept any suspense at anytime.

Of course there are many places as adventurous as this. But the advantage of choosing Masinagudi is that you can plan today and leave tomorrow. Ooty, Kodaikanal, Kunnur and cliched places like these are outdated. Many people don’t know such a place called ‘Masinagudi’ exists. Let’s take a look at that place which is no less than heaven!!!
This beauty is located just 30 kms away from Ooty. It takes less than an hour from here. If you follow National Highway No. 70, you could easily reach this destination. Or else, you can start from Bangalore as well.

No special schedule needed

“You can go to office whenever you need. This season once gone won’t come again. Come! Let’s go once”. This is how many convince their friends to bunk their office hours or classes in college and get them there. We all know that unplanned trips are the best. This will be one such trip. You could even plan to spend your weekends there. It will be pure bliss.

In union with nature and animal kind

It is a beautiful long drive. From Bangalore, the first thing you will get to view will be the Bandipur forests. During my trip, we planned to reach there by early morning, say 6 o’clock, so that the view would be even more beautiful. And yeah! That’s the first time I felt like I am into nature. And that feeling is priceless. That trip actually created a great impact. You’d be awestruck…. One need not spend a fortune and go abroad to celebrate nature and beauty. This place will never disappoint you.

Here in Bandipur forests, you’ll have to be cautious. It’s quite dangerous. You’ll get to view beautiful sceneries and animals. Animal sighting here is pure luck. While in Bandipur, you should never fail to take on the Safari. The government has facilitated with many amenities for the tourists to spend their time having a close bond with nature.
20 kms away from Bandipur, you could reach Mudumalai forests. When you do Safari here, you could probably see all animals, even tiger. You’ll have experienced guides appointed by the government. So, you could concentrate on just enjoying your trip.

Masinagudi- the princess

You could reach Masinagudi via two routes. One is Goa – Ooty – Kundalpet highways. This path has 36 hairpin bends. The other one, if you start from Mudumalai and drive 75 kms from there, you’d reach Masinagudi. She is a part of Mudumalai Forests.

What’s there….!!!

Masinagudi, located in the western ghats, will be a treat to our eyes. She is one among the places left undisturbed by the humans. Here you will encounter Theppakadu elephants, you’ll get to enjoy the forest Safari, and view tea and rubber estates, Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary and bird sanctuary.


Tourists are allowed to view Masinagudi forests from 6:30 to 8:30 early in the morning and 3 to 6 in the evenings. During this Safari, one could view variety of animals and birds. You could even go around sitting on the elephants and enjoy the beauty of the forests. Theppakadu elephant sanctuary is another place not to miss. You could actually get to know the lifestyle of the elephants there and how they are being fed. It will be a whole new experience for sure.

For adventure lovers, you can drive into the forests once it gets dark. That eeriness would make you sit at the edge of the seats in your car. This drive is what fulfills your Masinagudi trip. Unexpectedly, you’d get to see animals even close to you in such darkness. One could never put such experience in words.

Just don’t wait for a chance to experience such beauty. Pack your bags and leave. You’ll never regret this decision .


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