To mourn or to move on: A debate over Jhanvi and Khushi's latest pics

To mourn or to move on: A debate over Jhanvi and Khushi’s latest pics

Memories: Jhanvi and Khushi with their parents

24th February 2018 – It’s been over a month since the veteran actress Sreedevi bid goodbye to us. The cameras were on roll continuously behind her family members since then. Social media has turned its ugly face many a times to her beloved survivors- Jhanvi and Khushi.

Jhanvi’s birthday that turned on March 7th , that is a fortnight later, was celebrated in a grand way by her family members which included her celebrity cousin Sonam Kapoor. The birthday girl was spotted smiling and that aroused a fire of gossiping in the digital tinsel town – the social medias. Many supported her for moving on but many were unhappy that she celebrated something like this a few days after her Mom’s unprecedented farewell. The pictures that were posted by Sonam Kapoor in Instagram went viral.

Jhanvi’s birthday was celebrated by her family

Later on the last week of March, the younger daughter Kushi was pictured with an unknown boy. The social media kept breaking their head to know who this unknown boy was. They very well tagged him as her boy friend. People were surprised to see Kushi wandering with a boy days after her Mom’s death.

Latest picture of Khushi that went viral

It’s human instinct to expect some specific “rules and regulations set by the society “ to be followed by others. If they don’t follow, they are tormented. It is thus natural for a social media monger to comment on the young girls, who would still be thriving to come out of their panic, and expect them to follow the rules the society expected.

Those who bully donot know the pain!

Celebrities are always watched! For all that they do and not, they are trolled. It is always forgotten that the pictures captured and that goes viral doesn’t always tell every thing about them. Has any one who bullied them have imagined that they would be crying in the dark, or that they would feel lonely at some point of time and that they wanted people around them to stay strong?

Sreedevi’s daughters at Rameswaram

To move on is the trait of life. You have to move on and accustom to what so ever situation in life. When someone, though mourning, tries to move on, it is a good soul’s responsibility to give them a hand to hug and pat them on their shoulders and say “you’ll be alright!”

Jhanvi Kapoor

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