Mrs. India Universe Creative, Sushma Venkat speaks about her success story

Mrs. India Universe Creative, Sushma Venkat speaks about her success story

At her Mumbai residence, our team met Sushma, the leading Child psychologist, model and philanthropist. She won Mrs. India Universe Creative title in 2017. Here is the excerpts from the warm interview that talismanian had with her.

It is a great privilege to crown Mrs. India Universe. How do you feel the journey to and after the title?

It was a honor to be a part of Mrs. India Universe 2017, though the path was not easy it was wonderful journey  over all. Got to experience many other contestants who were from different parts of world like UK, Hongkong, Singapore, Dubai and so on. We had grooming sessions for all 7days. Day started with Yoga around 5.30am through Vivek Mishra ( Bigg Boss 4 fame) followed with nutrition class from Varun Katyal who guided international pageants. Etiquette was part of the session, choreography was done by Alesia Rout official partner of Femina Miss India.
All the 42 contestants who walked the ramp were from different walks of lives. Competition was at it’s peek as all say the best deserves the crown so it is..
Through this interview, I would like to thank the organizers Mr. Tusshar Daliwal & Archana Tomer who made the show a super hit.
All the shows which I was part of were wonderful events.
It’s been a great honour to be part of beauty pageants. I got to learn and explore myself, there were different women from different walks of life.

How far had your family supported you?

I was born and brought in an orthodox South Indian family where girls were restricted for each and everything. I always use to think out of box and so I am. What ever the achievements I have done is only after my marriage. My husband & Mother in law were very supportive. My son is 12yrs whom I see to live my childhood dreams again. In fact my son is whom I look up to and inspire myself.
Definitely without my family everything was impossible,  whether it’s my studies or beauty pageants. My Husband Mr Vishwas & My mother in law Sujatha are pillars of my life, the courage and love of my son Master Bhavish gave me courage to take up the task which is not of my field. I would suggest every woman to think out of the box and live there life. Every women has a hidden quality within , identify it flaunt it and fly to catch your dreams.

Can you tell something about your childhood? Where do you see yourself when compared to your childhood dreams?

As a person I was very dedicated in whatever task I take up. I always had a dream to walk on ramp and clicked. But my childhood was not normal as I was a girl child was restricted on doing each and everything. There was lot of discrimination between me and my brother, it still continues even now with my parents. I prefer saving girl child and give motivational talks on saving girl child . As I have personally  experienced the discrimination, I could connect with such girls. I go for bike rallies in support of Save girl child and Car rallies to support  Women empowerment every year. Sports was something which I would reach at from school till now. I still play badminton for clubs and go for cycling rallies. I always like to be sportive and encourage people to be part of it. Age is just a number, is what I say. Increase your stamina by doing yoga and other physical activities which your body supports. Be a child by heart and beauty, Happiness in life follows. All my dreams and achievements came to me after I was married. The girls who think can’t achieve things after getting married can take up my example. Life turns up after marriage and can give meaning to lead your life.

What is the secret to your success?

I maintain myself by doing different physical activities like yoga, playing badminton, cycling and I play football and basket ball along with my son and his friends. I was not over weight anytime because I am very conscious about my diet and workout. Each and every women should have ME time were we give time for ourselves and enjoy the moment. We always live for our family and friends so Me time should be part as well. Yoga House with Sushma is my venture and I love the way it is going.

 What is your take on fashion, like say, size zero?

Fashion is being yourself and comfortable with whatever you are. I don’t believe in size zero or plus size because fashion comes in all size and all age. So fashion is up to individual.

Have you done films? Any plans?

I have got offers in serials but not movies. I would definitely take up if I like and fit into any role which is offered.

Considering Indian climate, how often should an average woman take skin/ hair treatments?

Compared to other countries we Indians are blessed to have such climate. Ofcourse we should take care of skin and hair. We are blessed with Ayurveda which other countries are following too so it’s better to go ahead with such treatment unless it doesn’t harm .

Nowadays men also seem to be interested in make ups. How do see the changes in the attitude of men over the time?

Well it’s a revolution I should say. Yes men too are into makeup and make overs. As I told it’s a revolution and an individual choice.

People of Mumbai are open-minded and frank. How do you judge Mumbai as a market compared to other International fashion cities like  Paris and Newyork?

 Here again depends on individual thinking. There are people who are open minded and Frank and other set of people are present too. Mumbai is always a city of dreams and when fashion comes yes the city sets the trend to other cities in India. We Mumbaikars are nothing less than Paris nor New York.

What are your current projects?

Right now am launching kids Fashion week in Mumbai followed in Bengaluru and Hyderabad by Jan 2018.

As a woman entrepreneur from Mumbai, how do you feel it to be on top? Who all helped you in the process?

Am proud of myself being an Entrepreneur. Definitely it’s a feel were you set an example for other married women out there. When you believe in self, other things follow. I am gratitude towards my family and friends for there support in my actions.

 As a person who is willing to help and support others, what do you want to tell other budding woman entrepreneurs of the fashion industry?
Beauty starts the moment you believe in yourself. So the other things follow. Believe yourself and follow your dreams. Fashion is some thing you are comfortable with so go ahead.

Your assets mean to you?
Believe in self-confidence

Being yourself is? 

Being myself is what I say Beauty is.


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  • Sobin soman

    Sushma is got such a charming smile. She is definitely a super star. So humble and loving towards her hubby and son. And what I like the most is the fact that she loves her mother in law. That’s one lucky family😄

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