N.T.Nantha: Cracking the success code with a realm of film making

N.T.Nantha: Cracking the success code with a realm of film making

The 2017 hit Valladesam was critically acclaimed for its unconventional approach to film making. The block buster’s success gave Nantha, the person at the helm, warming confidence to take serious projects in hand. His upcoming Hollywood movie is all set to enthrall the audience with action and suspense.

N.T. Nantha

Here is the excerpts of the conversation our team had with Mr. Nantha, the charming tycoon from London.

Q1.  What makes you come to the film industry?

I look at films as story-telling mediums that can inspire many people at the same time entertain them. I had creativity in me since my childhood but couldn’t find a suitable medium to express it until I came to London where I explored various courses. I did my Diplomas in Music Technology and sound engineering from Westminster College in London But that was not satisfying until I took up camera and I felt this is where I belong. As we know that the film industry has the power to influence and the power to teach. So, if you add those factors together with the power to make your dreams to become a reality, I ask you, why wouldn’t you want to become involved? It also has a bonus factor, of being paid while you’re enjoying yourself the job. I ask you, why wouldn’t I? (LOL) this is the reason why I came into film industry to express myself and my creativity to the world.

Q2. What was the inspiration behind Valladesam?

I wanted to be a successful director so, I was waiting for a story, which one to choose from, an action film, one which involved a female lead with the action coming into England rather than most other action films and I am quite patriotic in nature and love the fact that a nations strength lies in the hands of the future generation. The future generation is dependent on the love, care and nurturing of the mother. The same way that Mother Nature takes care of all of us. Women power, if channelized in right direction can work wonders. I always admired how my mother, my sisters have played a major role in my success. Then I had an idea, why not use the skills and make a story that I have and draw on the minds. So I wrote Valladesam . Women are not just behind successful men but women are behind the success of a nation. This is the inspiration for Valladesam.

Q3. We heard that 80% of the shooting of Valladesam was in London. As a resident of London, did it find easy to work there?

Doing what you love is the most enjoyable things in the world and film making is my passion so even though it was hard, I never thought any time it is hard inside of my heart. Some days were good others were rather hard work, having to obtain permission from the local authorities to film in public areas with gun, getting the actors and extra cast members to sets, location costs and all of the organisational bits and pieces but it was all worth it to have been able to produce and meet some really good people in the industry. Its not about some place is easy or not. As a filmmaker my job is to justify the story. We shoot according to story line. In fact Film making is not an easy job it takes lots of people working together to achieve a single goal. Valladesam story required shooting in London, we did that. If my another story requires shooting at the north pole …we will do that however difficult or easy it is,. As I have a home in London, so it becomes convenient.

Q4. Tell us the formation of the inspiration song for young people in ‘Valladesam’?

I wanted a song to be inspiring to people, especially to our youth of today so I asked my friend music director LV Muthukumarasamy to come up with an inspirational piece. With a few weeks of research and hard work it just happened to fit perfectly into what I was looking for. Younger people are the future of any nation. The more they are inspired they can achieve great deeds. That’s the reason why we contacted actor Simbu and he obliged us with such a wonderful song.

Q5. What are your upcoming projects? 

Yes, I am very fortunate to have a few things, I am working on 120 Hours which is a Hollywood English feature film, we are planning to start the film production by end of this year, a couple of feature Tamil films in pipe line too. I can’t say too much about any of them at this stage really because of the NDA’s. You will come to know soon and the producers will announce officially in 2-3 months time.

Q6. Hollywood dream, how do you feel about your first film to go to Hollywood?

I am very excited to be working with some of the top actors in the industry, what I can say is with 120 hours. I am please to be working with some top actors who are known in the industry for the work in award winning projects like Mission Impossible, Harry Potter and Lodgers. 120 hours is my first Hollywood break through and thanks to my friend Vic Waghorn and Pat Nabhan, a few others they have made this goal achievable. I feel that this is just the beginning of some great work that will be produced in the future.

Q7. Can you tell us something about your personal and family life?

About my family, My parents live in New York with my three sisters and family , it is personal, and it is my private family. I am sorry to be like this, but I keep my work life totally separate from my personal one. Not that I have two lives you understand. I have one but never mix the two; it always helps to keep the two apart I find. About me ,I Learn to enjoy every minute of my life and be happy now. Think how really precious is the time I have to spend, whether it’s at work or with my family. Every minute should be enjoyed. Love myself I do. Not everything, but I love the good as well as the bad. I love my crazy lifestyle, and I love my hard discipline. I love my freedom of speech and the way my eyes get dark when I’m tired. I love that I have learned to trust people with my heart, even if it will get broken. I am proud of everything that I am and will become.

Watch the showreel N T Nantha 2017 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zj5_m7sJ5Y

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