Net Neutrality - Pulling the curtains down!

Net Neutrality – Pulling the curtains down!

– Nabeel Hamdaan

Over the last couple of days the American news has been intermittently making the headlines Net Neutrality making abuzz made us cheesed off raising our eyebrows!

With a big question mark above our head, Should we care and beat our brains out to understand what it is?

Well it’s certainly yes!

Net Neutrality is one of the most polarizing issue orbiting around the global internet regulations.

On December 14 The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to repeal Obama era net neutrality rules.

The precise definition:

Net neutrality is the idea that no ISP which is an abbreviation for Internet Service Provider shall throttle (slowdown) or block any specific traffic or give any preferential treatment to any specific traffic.

To describe casually:

The Service provider is giving me free gifts!


The provider will decide what gifts I will get free?

This is against the Law of free selection.

I should be allowed to choose free gift!

How does the Internet work?

If we click on any link on the internet, the internet provider and the network they use should try to give that content equally fast . For typical website viewing like digging through the website checking mails or ogling through blogs of Talismanian, there will no serious  debate of blocking the traffic .

Where the problem lies is when the users want to watch heavy bandwidth content like You tube Netflix or by other means. The internet is not a magical cloud it comprises of physical servers, wires, switches , infrastructure speed around the world and the all important fibre optic cables which cost a billion which have a fixed capacity they lie underneath the ocean sprawling the length and breadth connecting the Copernicus cities New York – London , Washington –Paris etc .

Perhaps the Transformation:

If the fibre optic were laid during the Dot Com Bubble, it needs to be upgraded.

Or else downloading a 3 GB high definition would have been still a fairy tale!

Who carries the weight?

Giants like Comcast, Verizon, Century link, AT & T, Level 3. You pay your ISP to connect to the big back bone network who carries internet traffic to the longest distance .Your ISP is called as a last mile provider and brings the internet traffic from one of the big host to your home .

So here the conflict lies Google and Netflix are paying to Level 3 to carry the traffic to your home and you are paying to the last mile provider .When people are just reading and sending mails a concept called peering was used.

Peering agreement states that traffic sent between two networks and it’s about the same direction the network doesn’t have to pay either, this is how the telephone operates.


Now thanks to internet user their demands always take a meteoric rise, So called as peering has become a thing of past .The routers ,Fibre optic cable cost a bomb that the ISP have to burn a hole in their pocket to meet the customer demand .

And the ISP to the contrary turns to Netflix, Google to pay a whoopee so here is the skeletal structure of the whole theory.

The Bottom line:

Net neutrality is the best in our interest, you pay the ISP to bring out the best or else they would be really lame.

But Thanks to Indian Government the regulatory body of Internet TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) barred the ISP from charging discriminatory tariffs!


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