"Opportunities are at the heart of entrepreneurship and innovation", says Jincy, Marketing Director of KFF

“Opportunities are at the heart of entrepreneurship and innovation”, says Jincy, Marketing Director of KFF

Ms. Jincy Mathew is an Entrepreneur and a mother of an 11-year-old child. She is one of those powerful women who can handle many posts professionally by giving equal importance to her family too. Her passion is cooking and she is running her own food business named FeastandBurp (FaB), through which she and her crew are providing their customers with a good and unique experience of homemade food. On the top of all these, she now responsibily enjoys the tag, the Marketing Director for Kerala Fashion Festival 2018.

Ms. Jincy Mathew

Team Talismanian got the opportunity to chat with her and here are the excerpts from the interview:

  1. It is very happy to know that you have been an Entrepreneur for the last 10 years. Can you share about your business?

– Thanks for considering me for the interview. Talking about my business, Urdezin is my  first step as an entrepreneur which gave me the skills of marketing and connecting with different people . Urdezin is a corporate gifting company that customize gifts and products for different organizations.

FaB is a food business that was purely started out for of my passion for cooking, which is now two years completed and have extended from Bangalore to Kerala and I’m happy with the response and thankful to all my customers who have been very supportive.

  1. We heard that you had completed your Nursing degree, but you are running your own business now. What was the situation that you inspired to start your own business?

-Since I was a kid, I wanted to own a business. But, my professional life didn’t start with entrepreneurship. I went to college and worked as a nurse in a hospital and also did other work  for a big, multinational company. While there (and feeling like a cog in the corporate wheel), I started my first company in a spare bedroom of my house. A year later, I quit my job to be a full-time business owner.

Starting a business is hard. It’s not a quick fix for when you dislike your job. It’s committing to a dream and persevering through daily challenges that come with business ownership. If you’re ready to be your own boss, it’s time to start thinking about going from an employee to entrepreneur. The more you prepare the better chance you have of succeeding as a business owner.

  1. What is the unique element of your food business FeastAndBurp (FAB) comparing to others?

Home cooked food, home delivered with clients preference of customization.

Ideally, you have a firm grip on what differentiates you from the places down the street, and you’ve made it the cornerstone of your brand. “Convince me it’s real” Tell your customers how and why you use authentic recipes and local, imported, or unique ingredients.  Customers should be able to “get it,” just as they would from a few words on a billboard as they speed past. Every operator can’t be the first or the biggest. But every operator can offer something unique and different.

  1. Can you give us a brief description about your family and how they supported you to become an entrepreneur?

Family is my biggest lifeline. My husband and my 11 year old kid both have been very supportive. My husband works in an international bank and my angel is studying in 6th Std and also an aspiring model. Women entrepreneurs are no strangers to motivation, deadlines and goal setting. Being on the ball enough to get things done in business is no mean feat. For many female entrepreneurs however, finding a good balance between business and family life can be a real challenge.

Jincy Mathew with Dalu, Jude Felix and Ayanna Mathew

Entrepreneurship takes hard work and many hours of input, which can put demands of family on the line. If you want a good work life balance, remember to schedule family time too! Setting boundaries around your working time so you have free time that is just for your family will help you achieve a good balance and give you the bonding time you and your family need. My husband is not an employee or partner in my business. He has a job working in the financial field. He also keeps me focused on the importance of financial tracking and metrics. My background is in marketing, and other stuffs so he wants me to spend 100 percent of my time focusing on new product launches, PR, customer communications and promotions–my comfort areas. My husband is key to the success and growth of a mom-run business. “Most notably, he’s the major breadwinner in the family, yet spends his free time devoted to the growth of his wife’s dreams,” So when you feel like you’re all alone, remember that your family supports you every step of the way. You just need to let them know how to help and when you need it.

  1. What is your ambition in life? Any suggestions for other woman entrepreneurs?

The word ambition makes me just say one thing “Waste Time Wisely

If u spend time in enjoyment, make your self ready for rejuvenation

If u spend time in an outing, explore that

If u spend time in cooking, have faith in your taste

If u spend time in reading/ studying, enjoy it like a source of entertainment

If u spend time in playing, have a spirit of being a healthy winner

If u spend time in office, enjoy the feeling of learning something NEW at each moment may be a worth experience or a career learning

If u spend time in sleeping even, plz Say THANK YOU to HIM also

So waste time wisely..

  • Do not be afraid to fail. You have to move outside of your comfort zone.
  • Get feedback. Feedback is critical to validate your business.
  • Keep learning. The key to growth, innovation and success is knowledge.
  • Become an expert.
  • Ask for what you need.
  • Minimize negative people.
  • Network
  • Have BIG plans
  • Take support
  • Be Confident. 
  1. How you became the part of Kerala Fashion Festival (KFF)? What is your responsibility in KFF?

Million dollar question, Connected with Richard regarding my daughters participation for the show and then he pushed me up for this responsibility. It was a huge moral obligation when someone approaches with such a big responsibility. Being innovative is universal, we all do it. However how we innovate is unique to each of us.” It’s been my experience that what makes someone innovative isn’t their natural ability, it’s their desire to put that ability into practice. An opportunistic mindset that helps them identify gaps in the market. ‘Opportunities are at the heart of entrepreneurship and innovation‘, and some people are much more alert to them than others. In addition, opportunists are genetically pre-wired , they crave new and complex experiences and seek variety in all aspects of life. That’s what Richard is all about and so I felt I can be part of the team. I’m the ‘Marketing Director‘ for KFF 2018.

  1. Everyone is excited for KFF 2018. Can you tell more about such a big event?

Build buzz and excitement for the event so that attendees are happy to come 🙂

We all love fashion, isn’t it! But being fashionable doesn’t always mean that you wear expensive clothes or accessories; you can wear trendy and simple clothes and yet look fashionable. Fashion shows today have crossed the glamorous ramps and carpets of the popular dress designers have reached local brands, tiny streets and corners. Fashion is something that comes from within you.

KFF is the discovery of talent across the globe from beauty, art, intelligence, creativity and it will be a visual treat . The difference between fashion and style is quality. KFF is of high standing, it has to do with ideas, the way we live what is happening. KFF is a balance between emotion proportion and surprise. Wait for the finale!

  1. We heard that your daughter Ayanna Mathew is doing modelling. Being  a mother how you supported her?
Jincy Mathew with her daughter Ayanna Mathew

Yes very much. Child modelling is a debatable subject. And, as with other such controversial subjects, there are both positive and negative opinions. While some people strongly advocate the benefits of enrolling children into modelling, others feel that making a child a model is a gross violation of her basic human rights. As a parent, you will be the best judge of what is right or wrong for your child, and what is fair or unfair. Modelling can be a lot of hard work for your child, especially for the first few times. But, it is also true that your child may enjoy it, so much so that you may not want to discontinue the experience for your child. As a child model, your little one will have much time to bond together. From spending time travelling to and from sets to spending time on set and even going for location shoots, there is so much time that you and your child will spend outside the home and school environment. One of the important modelling projects of my daughter, Ayanna is she is the brand model for KFF kids segmentBecoming a child model can have a positive boost to your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. So why not support.

  1. What are the other fields which you are handling apart from KFF and FAB?

Social service programmes

-Counselling and providing support for people

-Startup meetings.

-Networking and trying to venture into something new which will be soon official

  1. What are your future plans?

I’d like to be doing what I’m doing now—that is, enjoying my work, working hard and contributing to the best of my abilities. Of course, I’d expect that in two yrs  time my added experience would hold me in good stead for greater responsibilities, which is something I look forward to taking on when the time comes. The most important thing, however, is to be happy, productive and a valued member of every team. I think the best plans for the future is being the best more than you are now improving  yourself  is the best plan ever. And don’t forget to make yourself always happy 🙂

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