Padmavathy Manoharan

Parenting a kid these days has become a tough row to hoe and neither the parents nor the children can be claimed to accept the whole blame. They both will have to share the inculpation of the fact that today’s kids are being spoiled blindly. Rapid growing technologies also share equal responsibility for screwing up the children.

Parents today never say the word “No” to their children. The parents who have very less time to spend for their children, want their children to have everything they ask for, so that they will be showcased as economically strong to the society. They never want their children to wait to get something they’ve asked for. Those days, parents used to buy gifts for their children for achieving great tasks like scoring first rank in class or bagging first price in athletics. But nowadays, children expect to be rewarded even for finishing their daily homework.

Parents nowadays seem to have absolutely no authority over their children. The education system stresses out children enough and parents think that even a word against their wish will depress them. So, children get whatever they want and this will give them an impression that life is so easy. This also gradually turns them so arrogant and no wonder that they often forget to respect others.

In one of the TV shows, I listened to a speaker saying that, according to psychologists, children should get used to the word “No”. Parents should start using the word to their kid when he or she is as foetus in the mother’s uterus. Yes, right from then. Only then, the child will grow up with practical senses and will be matured enough compared to other children. Most importantly, such children will grow up being prepared for anything.

The other important fact to discuss  is the children’s overuse of gadgets. This is something I have personally encountered in my family. If the child cries, no worries. If the child doesn’t eat, no worries. If the child doesn’t sleep, no worries. Whatever  problem with the child may be, one solution- mobile.This is so unacceptable. But at times, I wonder how all the parents I encounter tend to commit the same mistake, knowing the seriousness of this habit. In such cases, I have to admit that parents who cannot afford to buy gadgets or anything to their children seem to bring them up better when compared to rich parents who unconsciously spoil their children by allowing them getting used to such technologies.

There are also parents who give it a lot of time in deciding what is best for their children and what will make them as better humans. But some parents who are unable to differentiate good from bad, do everything thinking that they are doing only good for their children. This is the basic problem which many fail to understand. Of course it is important to pamper the children, but not every time. With such parenting, children will know what to do and what not to do. When parents give due care in bringing up their children, noticing even nuanced things, it will sure create a positive impact on the children’s lives. This is not just for the present, but for the future as well. Providing quality education alone won’t shape their future, but looking into and teaching such small things will also support the children, which will mould and prepare them for better future.

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