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People’s Statesman

Politics is not the kind of open, competitive playing field we would like to think of it as. It is more like trying to be inducted into a fraternity with a vocalic critic of leadership. Politics and public life has since time immemorial been run by ideologies and reforms. Political strategies and policy solutions has had democratic participation.

In this time and age, key consideration is given to fiscal policy, foreign affairs, women empowerment, legislations concerning national security and defense. With equal concentration to social issues related to education, health and family affairs, Italy has executed safety and security for the well-being of the nation as a whole even during the pandemic era.

Hailing from Venaria Reale who graduated as a surveyor, Mr.Salvatore Ippolito has held various professional positions in the traffic sector. As a Chairman of the Board of Directors of a company for the management and design of parking lots, infrastructures and systems relating to urban mobility, he has transformed the ambiance into a paradise of where he hails from by implementing structural reforms.
Heading the “Democracy is freedom – La Margherita” in the municipality of Venaria Reale; Mr.Ippolito was chosen as the Deputy Mayor and was vested with the huge responsibilities related to urban planning, private building, and roads in the municipality of Venaria Reale. He strongly believed in the welfare ‘of the people, for the people and by the people and thus he insisted that government policies need to return to dealing with the territories and the citizens who live there.

Mr. Ippolito has always emphasized that ‘social equality is a compass for good politics.’ Keeping people ahead of politics, he has caught the attention of many and remains as Venaria’s favorite. Mr. Ippolito is now set to run the ‘scheda azzurra’ for the City of Turin Election 2021, with an intention to be a proponent of a more structured polity. He is truly a man of charisma and with his in-depth knowledge in technical infrastructures and motorways, Turin will continue to be paradise for all those in it under the leadership of this People’s Statesman. Your vote is your voice, so make the right choice.

About the author: 

Dottoressa. Maffi, Advocate, holds a degree in law from London, a Legum Magister in Legal Practice from the City University, UK, A Master of Arts in Human Rights, a Legum Magister from United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Italy, a Certificate in Migration and its link to Peace, Security, and Sustainable Development Agenda from University for Peace, Costa Rica, and a Certificate in Global Governance, University for Peace, Costa Rica.

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