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Shiva Nadana Nrithyalaya – Abode of Dance

When the amazing dancer Renjini flew down to Chennai, it was no normal to miss a meeting with her. Team Talismanian visits her amidst her busy schedule and she is happy sharing her views and ideologies with us. While shaking hands with her, any Chennai-ite would desire to behold her in this city of culture and use her potential to add on its richness.


Q. It was a revonative feel after speaking to you. Can you explain elaborately about Shiva Nadana Nrithyalaya

Abode of Dance- that’s the whole idea of starting Shiva Nadana Nrithyalaya. Shiva, the Lord of Dance has always inspired many Dance Forms and Dancers. Dance doesn’t have a form. Dance should come through the soul. It’s beautiful if you look at various dance forms too. We do believe that Dance, in any form, should reach all the talented kids and youngsters. We are open to opportunities to those who believe in themselves. We teach you how to Dance with the Soul. We are open to only kids and women as it completes the universe as a Whole.

Q. What made you arrive at this concept of creating a new dance model ?

As I mentioned over the Interview, Dance has many forms which are created by many and followed as our transitional dance forms and practiced throughout these years.. The style and value all these dance forms carry are the same and it’s a beautiful way of praying and worshiping. This very essence has already been forgotten by people who even practice dance..

The thought of creating this is for all who are serious about their passion which is decided by the soul. It can be dance or anything else. Follow your passion, we will dream with you. Dakshina is what you have to leave to start your foot moving. We are open to experienced dancers too.

There is nothing more powerful in this world than praying with your soul through dance.

Q. Personally how well are you connected with Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva The Lord of Dance . The Creator, Preservator & Destructor has always been an Inspiration to me and my life. Women always feel laid back when it comes to marriage and wait for time to decide whether should to start something of her own or to start work again. The feeling of HIS power made me think of the possibilities of reaching out to people who are talented through dance and I am sure this will last and you will feel your soul.

Q. Dance is another form of work ship and a smaller version of meditation. This is what I felt during our meet. What do you feel ?

Very True. Dance is another form of worship and a smaller form of meditation.

It’s the fact that people do worship the Lord be it  any religion. Dance doesn’t have to have a religion. We are pleasing the Lord through dance. Dance can only be an amazing form to attain that connection with Lord.

Q. How are you planning to reach out to people, rather, how do you think Shiva Nadana Nrithyalaya can change the society in a positive manner ?

We are named as Abode of Dance. We will come to you and teach you how to Praise Dance.

The world is changing and cultures and values are dying day by day. Kids and Women are always in various situation never knowing what’s best for them and building the dream they have. Family support is one big factor to start your passion. In the otherways we all have time to build our dream and make it complete by organizing time. This is the first step that every women should start thinking.

We all go through a very busy life taking care of family, home & office. By managing this time between all we can surely make a difference and we do give you consultations on the same. Sleep Tight is our on going project which has been very effective for many in the IT sector and many housewife’s. Lack of sleep causes time is a big issue. So let us know how we can help you.

Q. Being a woman, wife and a mother how is it possible to be socially responsible despite your busy schedule

Many have found it difficult to manage all the roles at a women time. First, being a Women there are our responsibilities and plans before marriage. These plans will all depend on situations and support from parents and friends. After marriage, it again gets squeezed into husband and the family. There are many differences that many husbands and wife carry. For me initially it was tough but I had to force myself to go ahead cause I wouldn’t get another chance. But the respect and love I carry for my family got me here. I am grateful and happy to have such a beautiful and supportive family.

It’s all about understanding. Many husbands feel women shouldn’t work or achieve anything in life. But Women should realize that responsibilities are or should be shared equally let it be family or respect to the profession.

In today’s world, it’s hard to make a life successful and so if there is an understanding and trust I think the world will be a better place very soon.

I also take this time to thank all my relatives and friends for all the sincere prayers and support throughout my journey.

A big thanks to team Talismanian

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