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Sona Jadhav talks about the benefits of listening Sufi music

Popular classical and sufi bhajan singer Sona Jadhav feels Sufi music is gaining huge popularity, as it comes with high octane emotions and one can connect on a spiritual level with these songs. The genre Sufi was first recognized through poets, and Qawwali was a popular form of Sufi music which was first introduced in Bollywood. However, Sufi Music is also used in the form of devotion, and beautiful bhajans and ghazals have been sung in the past which are played till date.
Sona Jadhav
There are a lot of benefits of listening to sufi music while meditating, it improves concentration and helps you focus better. In Turkey, Sufi music is used for a patient to release stress, and this is also known as music therapy. Sufism is a mystic branch of Islam whose traditional music is popular among Turks. It can also help you take lesser medications, recover faster, increase your appetite, change your mood, and sleep well by the end of the day.
The powerful lyrics of Sufi music talk about reaching the divine by spreading love and harmony. With tension and turmoil all around today, the works of Sufi saints and mystics are more relevant than ever. What started in dargahs and mazaars years ago today has now formed into a singing culture.
Music for films is creating a world around the truth of the sufism and the trend for it is increasing a lot. But it is important to have the correct understanding of the subject. Sufi music is journey of life long devotion and being consumed in divine love.

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