Stress management

How to manage your stress with positivism

Padmavathy Manoharan

Everything in today’s world is so difficult but at the cost of facing such difficulties, we get stressed out easily. As everyone knows, getting stressed gives us various harmful effects, both physically and mentally. In today’s modern life, a man without stress would be asked to undergo some medications. This is how the current scenario is!

The reason for getting stressed out often can be anything. It could be financial problems or issues between relatives for may also be due to having a low level of self-confidence. So, people stressing out is not just because of the concerned individual, but the society is also holding its part. People should learn to react to a situation, be it something sad or something happy. Because getting over excited about a happy situation will make us less prepared for something sad that’s going to confront us. And then, there are unexpected surprises that are to be unfolded in our lives. This is when people stress out to a major extent.

In today’s materialistic world, people have unconsciously developed a mentality, where, the more they get what they want, the more they become unsatisfied, because of the fear of losing everything. Or else, they end up in failure trying so many ways aiming at a huge profit. Experiencing what they like, or what makes them happy may also stress them out, fearing that they can’t experience it forever and the thought that after some time they have to go back to their normal lifestyle will extremely stress them out.

People who tend to be determined not to get stressed out, who always think positively also do not seem to go on so long without getting stressed. Because people like them do not seem to let go of things easily and they also undertake various challenges, which is, of course, a very good quality. Facing negative results while undertaking such challenges, stress out these people as well. So, whatever mindset people are in, be positive or negative, everyone undergoes stress in their own way.

In olden days, at least kids and children would have faced comparatively less stress when compared to the adults. But nowadays, it is the children who face more stress than adults. The school education system has transformed to such a way that the children can’t handle it anymore. Not knowing how to balance the situation and how to satisfy both parents and teachers, today’s children are having a really hard time. They concentrate on how to tackle the situation rather than concentrating on studies. With such scenario, we can imagine how stressed out students should be.

No matter how people are, no matter how their situation is, they unconsciously undergo various stress levels. The only precaution or the only way to reduce its effects is to be cautious about how we react to the surprises in our lives, and to what extent we expect something.

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