Surprising reasons you are gaining weight - Ashu Gupta

Surprising reasons you are gaining weight – Ashu Gupta

It isn’t any rocket science to discover the reasons behind gaining weight .The  processed, fat-laden foods, sedentary lifestyle  no involvements in any sort of physical activities, binge eating are the main reasons for gaining weight. If everything is well-balancedhaving  healthy diet and working our regularly .There might be few reasons for gaining weight. There cannot be anything more frustrating and demoralizing than doing all that right to see positive results. It’s time that you should seriously look into it, before you give up and decide to be, as it goes.

Look into these surprising reasons for gaining weight and take corrective steps:

You are not getting enough sleep

It might be  surprising, it is true your body is gaining weight. The body is at its working best when it is fully rested and well recharged. When the body is deprived of proper sleep the body feels fatigue and stressed out. The body propels us to reach out to easy and comfort foods. We all have our own weaknesses on some food or the other. Lack of sleep puts the body in a ready mode to store fat and is the reason for gaining weight .

You are under stress

In this modern standards of living stress has become a normal phenomenon. Stress has long associated with temporary loss of appetite. chronic stress has associated with increase in appetite and weight gain. Stress is also  studied to cause harm in both ways . Mind and the body. It is related with many chronic diseases. Stress will start a chain of bio-chemical process. It involves storage of fuel, releasing chemicals such as cortisol and leptin and slowing down metabolism. All these are directly related with weight gain.

You are under certain medication

Suddenly you have put on considerable amount of weight in a short period .Have  a look at the medicines you are taking. A lot of medicine have side effects. Most common side effects of such medicines is weight gain. Some drugs prescribed for reasons like mood disorder or depression, migraine, diabetes, blood pressure and seizures have the potential of adding weight and surprisingly it can be big weight.

You might have an undiagnosed health condition

Apart from sounding surprising, it might sound frightening also. It is true gaining  weight is one of the first symptom   you need to act immediately. One of such common condition is hypothyroidism. It is something that effects the entire body. One feels weak and tired. The metabolism slows down causing weight gain. This condition is called Cushing’s syndrome. It is actually excessive release of hormone cortisol and has an endless numbers of symptoms and one is weight gain.


About Ashu Gupta

Ashu Gupta is the founder of Ashu Gupta’s Diet Clinic and an acclaimed dietician and nutritionist. Her desires to see people around her live  a life full of good health and happiness made her pursue a career in food, health and nutrition. She strongly  believes that healthy living is not about just eating plain and tasteless foods and following strict guidelines.It is about enjoying life to the fullest with certain lifestyle modifications and enjoying all the good foods.

Ashu Gupta holds a post graduate degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management.Later she  gained experience in diverse segments like hospitals and food services within corporate and in community settings. Her dedication and realistic approach to diet and nutrition has made her carve a niche for herself in this highly competitive atmosphere.

She  suggests and design diets for people. she  helps them make practical changes and modifications in their daily lifestyle. Her core practice and strength is in the areas of weight management and lifestyle disorders.

She is an active member of Indian Diabetic Association and appraised for her contributions with the Best Dietician Award and Developing Country Sponsorship Award at Lulfost 17th World Congress on Food Science and Technology at Montreal, CANADA.

Her research papers of affluent adolescents in selected schools of Gurgaon are being followed in AIIMS, New Delhi. She is an active and regular invitee to Medical conference on causes and preventions of various lifestyle diseases.

Today, Dr. Ashu Gupta’s Diet Clinic is a known for its professional guidance to overcome different lifestyle disorders amongst the corporates and professional sphere. More than 70% of her seekers are through referral only.

Her Clinic spreads the message of Good Health and Wellness through their Motto – ‘FOOD FROM YOUR OWN KITCHEN’.

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