Sustainable Fashion: An inevitable necessity!

Sustainable Fashion: An inevitable necessity!

Sustainable Fashion is not a new concept or something huge, it’s happening almost everywhere but, still we need to normalize it much more. We all have the urge to get new items all the time and it’s completely okay, we all are humans! But we can still do that in a sustainable way and more importantly easy on our pockets and eco-friendly. A large price tag isn’t necessarily a guarantee for fair wages and sustainable supply chains.

The pandemic slowed fast fashion to a halt. Now that the world is open to us and we can socialize and go places. However, now is a good time to consider the implications of our attire after living a restricted and simpler life during COVID. Fashion, and particularly fast fashion, has a significant social and environmental impact on our planet.

Sustainable Fashion encourages users to use Bio- Degradable and non-toxic textile dyes without harming the environment. Being sustainable, in a way, helps safeguard the environment and future generations. It’s not a ‘single person’s’ effort but a communal effort that’s needed for making this beautiful practice normalized everywhere.


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