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Victim’s voice |  Breaking the silence

Victim’s voice | Breaking the silence

Law, Society
Studying abroad is an illuminating experience, having invested 5years of quality education in London with an ambition to pursue a promising career in the United Nations, I signed up for a program at United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute in Italy. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, my dreams turned out to be the nastiest nightmare! Multitudes were (some still are) mentally drained, devastated, disheartened, and panicking and I was not an exception.  In the initial phase of this pandemic, many lived in acute anxiety and the anxiety was more of a killer than the unseen virus itself. A new layer of uncertainty for a significant number of international students arose globally after the Covid-19 outbreak.  Tutors and students were not used to the online environment
The Good Samaritan of Holland!

The Good Samaritan of Holland!

In the pandemic era on September’s eve, I pick up my phone to hear disturbing news from my dear friend Karolina (name changed) who traveled from Italy to the Philippines with transit in Amsterdam. Her flight from Amsterdam to the Philippines was canceled immediately intimated the Embassy of her ongoing predicaments. A helpless and hapless victim on the situation she was a solitary, shattered, and stranded young lady walking from pillar to post in search of help remained entrapped in the Amsterdam International Airport.   Adding fuel to the fire was the expiry of her visa on that very day.  With emotions at stake, compounded misery coupled with mounting fear of detention, anxiety over lack of shelter, and uncertainty of continuing her voyage to the Philippines knew none in Amsterdam.  Ex
Mental Health issues existed even before the Lock Down: The Double Standards

Mental Health issues existed even before the Lock Down: The Double Standards

Health, Society
It is by a feel of astonishment that I read news / articles on mental health of men during the lockdown days. My astonishment was nothing else than that the word “ mental health “ unveiled itself from the stigma of being a hushed topic that was ever before. It was not only the news or articles, many memes and social media posts started appearing, citing the seriousness of the issue apart from the fact that many governments had started serious plans to tackle the issue of mental health by giving online counselling , creating help desks etc .,while fighting the biggest of epidemics. I stand by the government for their action. Of course, mental health of its subjects should be given priority and has to be tackled with utmost seriousness. No arguments. But what I am pointing out here is
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