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What is Yeti? Why is it searched in Google now?

What is Yeti? Why is it searched in Google now?

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Of late, internet witnessed a number of searches on the keyword ‘yeti’. Yeti has been doing rounds in the internet and becoming a curios word. So what is yeti ? Yeti is an ape-like creature that is supposed to be living in the interior regions of the Himalayas. In Nepali dictionary, the word Yeti means ‘abdominal snowman’. Since it lives inside the caves of interior Himalayas, a very few people have ‘seen’ it so far and hence its existence is still a hypothesis. Features of yeti: Yetis are about 6 feet high, man-like abdominal creatures with fur on their bodies. They are more commonly mentioned in Nepali folklores. Since they are believed to live in deserted and inaccessible mountains, their existence is still in debate and any scientific proof for their existence is in question. So wh
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