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Here is why Tofu is Best of all protein rich food

Here is why Tofu is Best of all protein rich food

The mind is like Tofu. By itself, it has no taste. Everything depends on the flavor of the marinade it steeps in - says Zalman Schachter Shalomi. Let's discover a few things about Tofu and its health benefits. Finally, learn the best mouthwatering recipe made out of Tofu. The soft and cheese like vegan food – Tofu is quite a popular dish in the Asian subcontinent. From being originated in China, some 2000 years ago is now a common delicacy forum in food stores and supermarkets in all Asian countries. It is said that it is one of the richest source of proteins and in particular to a person who is strictly vegetarian. Made by curdling soya bean milk, Tofu is available in the market in three forms of texture – silken, soft and firm. Silken is the most delicate and softer form of Tofu, w
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