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The Importance of Gut Health: Our Body’s Second Brain

The Importance of Gut Health: Our Body’s Second Brain

Have you ever imagined why doctors say – ‘heal you gut, heal your health’? We all know that our gastrointestinal tract (the GI tract) is responsible for digesting the foods that we eat. But at the same time you would be surprised to know that two-third of our immune system (the body’s defense mechanism) resides in the GI tract. Therefore, you could now clearly make out that our gut or the GI tract is directly responsible for good immunity and brain health. Inside our gut resides millions and trillions of highly talented and extremely hardworking creatures (bacteria, fungi and many other single celled organisms), what we collectively call as microorganisms that are working 24x7 to help us digest our meals, extracting and helping in absorbing many essential nutrients (even those that
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