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Victim’s voice |  Breaking the silence

Victim’s voice | Breaking the silence

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Studying abroad is an illuminating experience, having invested 5years of quality education in London with an ambition to pursue a promising career in the United Nations, I signed up for a program at United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute in Italy. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, my dreams turned out to be the nastiest nightmare! Multitudes were (some still are) mentally drained, devastated, disheartened, and panicking and I was not an exception.  In the initial phase of this pandemic, many lived in acute anxiety and the anxiety was more of a killer than the unseen virus itself. A new layer of uncertainty for a significant number of international students arose globally after the Covid-19 outbreak.  Tutors and students were not used to the online environment
Google Trends picks it up- ’tis all about an empowering ‘SORRY’

Google Trends picks it up- ’tis all about an empowering ‘SORRY’

Eve teasing has become so normal in our society that even women tend to take it normally. Abuse, that differs in levels like from apparently “ oops, sorry” touch to fatal rapes is taken on a ride by many as the law drags the victim to still more apathetic stages. Leave alone the case of metaphysical abuse. The Google’s recent trend, the short film from Kochi – Sorry- challenges the unconventional ideas and fallacies of the society. Though the movie starts with a happy connotation of brother –sister relationship, it takes us through fretfulness in the middle and leaves us on a ‘sorry’ note at the end. Directed by Benjith Baby, the film casts Mathukutty, Benjith Baby, Nayana Anil, Aneesha Ummer and Anto James in the central characters. Mathukutty and Benjith needs a special men
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