Team - Talismanian


Shreeja Prashanth

Brain behind the innovative idea, Lover of arts, an avid reader and a
proved writer. Helps in the development of special children through different
schools. Talismanian is her genuine effort to bring out extinguishing art forms of
India, louden the muted words of the society and adorn Indian minds through

Padmavathy Manoharan

Currently pursuing her Masters in English literature, Padmavathy is a zealous writer and has great passion and inclination towards literature. She is an avid reader and spends most of her time on books and music.

Sashi Sharma

A post graduate in Physics who started her career as a college professor, Sashi is now a passionate writer and a social worker. She works for blind schools as a scribe writer and a counselor. Her writing appears in leading newspapers including The Hindu. Apart from English, she loves writing in her Mother Tongue, Telugu.

Ben Geoffrey

Ben Geoffrey is a science enthusiast ever since his teens who also turned out to be a hobbyist philosophy nerd and is currently employed doing his PhD in physics. He blogs on his site 'Recta Ratio' regularly.

Anderson S.V. - Talismanian

Anderson S.V.

Digital Marketer by profession, Anderson is a passionate writer, travel lover and a great humanitarian. He is the admin of LORD, an organization that supports the mentally deprived women . Also, he has filmed a number of short films of which some of them have won accolades in a lot of national level competitions. He is the go-getter and the technical super brain behind TALISMANIAN.

Sreedevi Rajesh

An avid reader and a born writer, Sreedevi is a lover of words and letters. A great story teller by instinct, she amuses her readers by the style of narration. A frequent traveler and a mother of two, she is a hub of talents.

Jeelani - Talismanian

Jeelani Basha N

Jeelani is a BCA student who loves to travel, dance, and listen to music. He is a fitness freak and a professional kick boxer. He has also won Gold Medals in the District, State and South - India Tournaments for Kick Boxing. In Talismanian he helps in the audience acquisition and design departments.

Harshaa - Talismanian


Harshaa is a Fashion Designer and Stylist from Chennai basically a Biotechnologist. Pursuing her studies in the London College of Fashion , she is a passionate blogger who loves to write on Fashion and Beauty. Her baby brand named HashTag is on the making.

Fidha Sherin

Currently pursuing her master's in communication, Fidha is an avid reader and loves to write. Apart from writing on her blog, she has also written articles for The Hindu. She is passionate about learning and is forever in the quest for knowledge. Other interests include watching movies and listening to music.

Krithika Anand

Krithika is a medical student and is passionate on social work. Her main interests are woman empowerment, music, theatre and she is an active member in a number of organisations. A power house of talent, her voice is felt in her writings.

Nabeel Hamdaan

Nabeel Hamdaan by profession, is a HVAC Engineer, an amateur with a cheerful compliance to write and a intense mindset to unearth the explored.

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