The 2nd edition of Little Miss & Mr Munchkin Supreme Star International all set to enthrall us on november 14th - Talismanian

The 2nd edition of Little Miss & Mr Munchkin Supreme Star International all set to enthrall us on november 14th

A lot has been happening around Antony Richard Jason, the founder of Kerala Fashion Festival. The show, which was supposed to be launched in August has been postponed to December 2018 due to the floods that struck the God’s Own Country. Richard, who has been actively participating in the social dilemma that prevailed over the floods is now on a come back note with the event titled Little Miss & Mr. Munchkin planned to be held on November 14th this year.

Here is what Richard, the person with a awesome bundle of energy has to speak about his upcoming projects. Time to listen to him!!

What does the word Munchkin mean and can you give us a brief about Little Miss & Mr. Munchkin?

The word says it all. It’s an informal usage of calling a child in the United States. Little Miss & Mr. Munchkin Supreme Star is not a fashion show concept. It’s to give an opportunity to kids to showcase their confidence, talents & Style with Costumes, we cannot judge a child with his or her beauty its cause they are still a child and we want them and encourage them to be children. We do have session on parenting and grooming which will enhance the child’s ability to understand situations and how to be part of a community and values followed within.

Who is the ambassador for our brand?

We do not have a Brand Ambassador for Little Miss & Mr. Munchkin being a children’s event we give equal importance to all kids participating in the event and I believe it’s the right approach to make every child feel special and noticed. Everyone needs appreciation, when it comes to kids it’s more important that we honor them for every bit of what they do.

Do you all think ‘road show’ is the best way for launching any company?

I really don’t think it’s the best idea to promote your brand through road shows, various companies do have their own marketing strategies and team working par with industry standards. My say would be road shows only do good when your promoting your brand in a particular area. The major factor is you end up spending a lot on setting up a vehicle for the number of days which can reach very few people around the said area.

I would say reaching out to people is easier through digital marketing. Everyone these days have been hooked up on line and social media wherein this kind of promotions could save a lot of time and money.

When are you planning to organize the “KFF” show?

Kerala Fashion Festival had been postponed due to Kerala Floods which will be live on the December 22, and the event is to happen in Kochi.

What are the services of Tactic Events and are you Hiring?

We are a company based in Kochi; we have been into events for the past 9 years. Our In-House events are Little Miss & Mr. Munchkin & Kerala Fashion Festival. Talking about our services we start with sourcing a pin to hiring a jet, Event Management mostly focuses on Meeting, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions in short called as MICE.

We believe in creating opportunities and reaching out to energetic, self motivated people to join us. You can always log onto our website to understand more about our work and attitude.

Can you brief us on how  you volunteered on “Kerala Floods”?

The Kerala floods were in fact a National Disaster which by many reasons turned out to be a nightmare. I had started a mission named Kerala Rescue Relief Mission wherein I had around 8 volunteers who were at par for the operations and relief operations throughout the 7 days. The people of Kerala need to be appreciated for the love and care shown at time of emergency. I really don’t wish to talk more on this because it’s not easy to give and explanation on what happened and the emotions and the drama that happened and which is still on following the floods.

What is the other Key Businesses you’re planning to come up with?

As of now these two major events Little Miss & Mr Munchkin 2018 & Kerala Fashion Festival 2018 are that I have decided to focus on and which indeed with the support of all my people will turn out to be a success.

What keeps you so energetic and motivated?

The basic principal that I have followed it to focus on what we do and to stop focusing on what others do. The main reason to this is like attending an examination wherein you try looking out for answers from your neighbor. Being a self motivated person I have been successful in passing the right energy to people and the community.

There are many people in the industry with the same service profiles and events, What makes TACTIC EVENTS different is only the uniqueness in doing things differently and this difference makes me energetic and saves time being focused.

Criticisms are always one thing that gets me going forward without fuel the engine never starts, simple as it is…. When we stop responding to criticisms life becomes easy and work is perfectly defined and delivers success.

I do not believe in competition cause, competition happens only when we follow the same work and style they possess.

Kerala has a lot of opportunities if a person understands the  values and principles of ethical business standards which is always a constrain here.



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