Turning your mobile phone into a surveillance system- By Haven App!

Turning your mobile phone into a surveillance system- By Haven App!

Nabeel Hamdaan

The evolution of advancement in technology has been a never-ceasing task where periodically the set benchmarks are surpassed to the newer heights making our life embellish in a one way or other. To the contrary, this advancement will be used for making atrocious act giving us a mixed feeling but that’s a factual thing as it’s in existence.

So what’s making our jaw drop?

There’s someone to our rescue with his newly developed app- Haven which can turn your mobile into the surveillance system, yup you heard it right mobile phone into a surveillance system made by none other than Edward Snowden.

Recap of the incident:

A former CIA agent who gave the US government jitters when he blew the whistle on NSA surveillance that the intelligence agency is on a spree of telephonic records of tens of millions of people from Verizon After pulling the curtains down he is currently living in a temporary asylum in Russia and the US government charged him under the espionage act.

By this incident, it’s evident that our privacy can be intruded no matter what!

So how it functions:

Still in beta stage (it’s a development phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but contains a number of known & unknown bugs),runs on every android phone particularly old & inexpensive devices intended to be installed on a secondary phone using device camera ,audio recording capability and even accelerometer to detect  movement and notify  user .

Putting into use:

You’d set up an Android device in the hotel alongside a laptop.

Haven could send set to send broadcast any audio or movement. Basically, if any anyone opens the safe it will snap a photo, record and detect the motion and will notify the user through SMS, signal or a trio- based website.


The idea is even the best encryption device in the world is vulnerable to in-person tampering also known as an evil maid because even a hotel maid could access it.

Could be of great use for a journalist, lawyers, activists, business personnel etc.

Haven can also be used as a cheap surveillance system for every user because privacy is a necessity for everyone.

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