Why and when is it important to consult a dietician?

Why and when is it important to consult a dietician?

Most probably many of the people ask this question “Why is it important to consult a dietician? Is it must? Perhaps if we want to know the answer of the question, first we should understand what is a dietician and what they really do.

In brief, a dietician is a well qualified health professional, who can diagnose and treat any sort of individual who suffers with a dietary and nutritional problems. They treat diseases by guiding people with the help of up to date information and scientific studies on food and manages all sort of people to make them necessary lifestyles and food choices.  They work for both healthy and unhealthy peoples. A dietician is an expert in food and nutrition who can use their valuable knowledge in different fields like education, research, media, food industry, sports, healthcare and Government and Non-Government organizations.

The biggest contribution of a dietician is the healthcare sector where they work as an integral team in the treatment of complex and critical clinical conditions like diabetes, IBS syndrome, malnutrition, food related allergies, fatigue, kidney failures and disorders of the bowel. They advise on food preparation and eating schedules of such people, which helps in their recovery process and treatment. Moreover a dietician advice and educates patients in improving their health by treating diseases and other health conditions.

Now that we have understood the vital role of a dietician in our health and development, here are some important factors that justifies why it is important to consult a dietician and According to esteemed dietitian Sheela Seharawat the Founder of Diet Clinic Health Care, the factors are as follows:

  • When you have allergies: If we noticed some allergies, then we have to to see a dietician. If we have certain kind of food allergy, it will become for you really difficult to eat a balanced diet. For e.g. if you have milk allergy, a dietitian can help you in getting other food sources that will ensure that you will not miss the benefits of milk and also they let you know other foods that can cause you similar type of allergies. In cases of multiple food allergies, a dietician will help you develop a rotation diet for you, so that you do not develop new food allergies.
  • When you have issues with your digestion: One of the major causes of digestive disorder is Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. It effects our large intestine and causes cramping, constipation, gas, bloating and even diarrhea. This can be totally cured by diet and hence you need to consult a dietician. Studies have revealed that certain sugars in foods worsens the conditions of IBS and herby, a dietician works on your food type to treat the same with food and other digestive issues like constipation and gas.
  • Medical conditions: known to help in the treatment of chronic medical conditions, heart diseases and diabetes are the two main medical issues that can to a great extend cured and helped by a dietician. Dietician devise food or diet plans for such patients so that such people can start to take control of their diseases and shift to better conditions. Both these diseases have shown great results of control and reversal through planned diets. It recommends people heart disease of diet with low saturated fat and cholesterol and diabetic that monitors their intake of sugar in order to avoid insulin rise.
  • Need to lose weight: If someone want to gain or lose weight, a dietician is the best person to make you achieve your goal. Getting the right amount of calories to gain some weight or controlling some calories to lose weight, a dietician will ensure that you get the right food with all the necessary nutrients to become healthy. A dietician will assist you depending on your needs by giving you the correct amounts of calories and nutrients while you work to achieve your goal without worries.
  • Pregnancy: When you are pregnant you should be very careful on what you eat and drink. As what you feed on, your baby feeds on the same. Moreover, in this time you have to take extra calcium for baby’s bones and proper growth, Omega 3 fatty acids for its brain development etc. A dietician can definitely help you for getting the right nutrients and elements needed for your baby’s growth by means of the food that you eat.
  • If you need advice on healthy eating: Getting advice from a dietician will certainly help you in developing a food plan that is customized and unique as per your needs and sure to make you healthier and happier.


Dietitian Sheela Seharawat. She is one of the youngest successful entrepreneur of India and founder & chief mentor of Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt Ltd. 

 http://www.dietclinic.co.in .

” Success always comes with time and support. During the last 12 years diet clinic has worked hard during each of its steps to win the heart of every individual by rendering the best for achieving your goal. Your trust helped us to win around 90% of our new referral clients. Your happy faces bring happiness into our lives .” Sheela Seharawat, Dietitian.


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