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Why parents should be a good role model for their children?

Sunitha Hariprasad

Being a good role model for your children is not that much hard..

We all know that parenting is not that easy. But one of the easiest ways to raise our children in the right way is simply by being a good role model for them. Role models, through their personal qualities and achievements, can inspire others to strive and develop without direct instruction. Ever you thought how you can and how much important to become the role model for your children?

Your children whether they are pre-schoolers or teenagers are carefully observing to your each and every movement and words, examining how you handle everything from personal relationships to stress to career disappointments. So whether you like it or not, you are already a role model for your children. So be very careful when you do something in front of them.

Most of the parents usually forget that children are born without social knowledge and social skills. They are eagerly waiting for someone to imitate. The first adults who are very close to children are their parents and normally they will try to imitate them. So it is very important to care about your activities before your children.

The most important thing is always try to communicate with your children and active in their lives. Take your time to listen and share their concerns, so that they feel both loved and respected.

Here are some common types of behaviours that you should model for your child:

  1. Show respect for others and yourself.

The most important thing is that if you want your child to respect you, then show respect to your child. Show respect for others also. Parents who regularly put down other people are indirectly teaching their children disrespect for others.

  1. Keep a positive outlook.

Nobody is perfect, we are all humans, mistakes will happen from our side also. So, if you want your child to do the right things we should not hesitate to tell ‘sorry’ if we make mistakes. Thus, parents can contribute to their children’s personal growth and development by addressing their concerns, sharing their lives and maintaining a constructive perspective.

  1. Practice positive communication skills.

Words are a powerful thing. As you know, social skills are a great way to model positive behaviour and boost a child’s self-confidence, if we make them practice the golden words like ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘sorry’ etc. in their daily lives, then they will learn them very easily.

  1. Work on anger management.

If you are telling your child that he/she must not hit others and you frequently hit her for her misbehaviour, then your child will get confused. So if you want your child to understand you, first you must tell her clearly what you want to tell.

  1. Teach the value of life.

One of the valuable tools that you can model for your child is responding to stress, anger or hurt feelings. So, whenever you go through these issues you have to stay calm, then think and act. Always remember that teachings by examples are often easier and more effective than forcing children to obey rules by scaring, threatening or tempting them with rewards.

The possibilities of being a role model for our children are endless!! Moreover, it’s not about being a perfect parent – rather, it’s about being mindful that your words and actions are being watched and absorbed by your children. This is a good thing for us that every day we are getting a chance to help our children to become great people.

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