Yashika gets inspired by Ajith's Vivegam, borrows, NEVER EVER GIVE UP

Yashika gets inspired by Ajith’s Vivegam, borrows, NEVER EVER GIVE UP

Having found success at a very young age the model turned actress Yashika Aannand talks to Talismanian on the path she has walked and her future plans. The young, bubbly actress who is just 19 has already worked on a number of ad films with a number of big brands like Parachute Hair oil, Saravana stores etc. and is now ramping up her success streak through her acting in movies like Kavalai Vendam, Duruvangal 16 etc. She’s also one of the top contenders of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. During our brief chat, we also got to know that she is a wonderful woman by heart, who loves to spend quality time with the special children even during her busy schedules. She calls them in her own way as “Children of God”. Read on to know more on what she said.

1. How does it feel to be Yashika Aannand ?

I am just the same Yashika Aannand as I was before, the same crazy little kiddo to my parents and friends. To talk about stardom I think I still have to achieve a lot and I think I have to work day and night for it. In front of the camera, I am maybe Yashika Aannand but I think I’m still the same me as before.

2. Tell us about life after and before ‘Druvangal 16’.

As every actor does I faced some bad phases of not getting good parts which lead to a bout of depression. But all that struggle has lead to a good debut role in Duruvangal 16 and I am beginning to get recognized as Shruti. I am very happy about this and thank my whole crew for giving this blockbuster movie as my debut film.
After D16 I have even been getting calls from other film Industries and I think once I find the right script I will be into them as well. I am happy about this and thank my whole crew for giving this blockbuster movie as my debut film.

3. Take us through your journey to success.

I wouldn’t say I have become successful yet. I have so much to see, so much to experience and so much more to learn. I have made my parents proud and I get recognized more often now but I feel success isn’t just that. For me, to be successful is to learn from my mistakes and reach self-actualization which I feel will be a never-ending constant process.

4. You have come over to acting after your successful career as a model. So what difference do you see between them both?

Modeling is all about fashion and it’s more about the brands. It’s very easy going in comparison to acting but I should say that my start to acting started even when I was shooting for the different ads like Parachute oil, Saravana Stores etc and they helped me form the base of my acting career. Acting is a different job as it requires us to get into the character and do a lot of homework even before we stand in front of the camera.

5. Tell us about your experience working in Druvangal16 ?

Incidentally, I was sixteen when I worked on the D16 and I was mostly fooling around being the youngest on the sets. My co-stars and senior artists were also very friendly and I learned a lot from them. It was a great place for learning as a debut actor and it was really a privilege to have worked with such experienced artists.

6. So with movies lined in your kitty what do you have in mind for the future?

My upcoming film will be ‘Padam’ which will be releasing in late September or early October. In the near future, I am planning to learn horse riding to suit the different needs of the industry and also plan to pursue theatre and learn the skills in acting from Anupam Kher.

7. How important have your parents been for this success and who else have been instrumental in scripting your success story?

My parents, brother, and sister have been my pillars through all my ups and down. My dad helps me take care of my skin, my mum an emotional support through the ups and downs I have faced so far and she even accompanies me to some places. My sister is another great pillar in my life and she helps me in makeup and hairstyles which I do for the different events. I think I could have never reached this far without all of them and I can never thank them enough.

8. How was it watching yourself on screen?

It was like a dream come true for me and I was very happy to see myself on screen. I watched the film with my friends and family and I had a mixture of emotions. My mother teared up and my dad was visibly proud. All my hard work paid off and it was a proud moment for me. In short, it was all months of hard work shown in hours.

9. It is said that the faster you realize your way, the faster you meet success. Was acting or modeling your dream from the childhood?

(Chuckles) My childhood dream was actually to become a Pilot. I was always fascinated in my childhood about airplanes but I started hearing that many of them were being hijacked (chuckles again) and so I dropped the plan.
Well, I was always interested in mimicking my family members and performing short skits for my family and used to groom well before I get on stage and I think that is where all this started. I was in 7th standard when I got my portfolio done and started working on various brands. But it was after D-16 that I put my feet first and decided this will be my career.

10. What do you want to tell the passionate/aspirant actors and models who are trying to make it?

Hard work and no shortcuts are all I want to tell to aspirants as the formula for success. Ajith Sir’s dialogue from his recent film Vivegam is what I would like to tell them all ‘NEVER EVER GIVE UP’. Keep practicing and working hard towards your goals and success will follow.

11. Our Director Anderson told that your live videos go viral and your fans flock to those places where you are in. How does it feel being watched and loved by your fans?

Yes, Anderson knows a lot about me this was an instance where I was live on Instagram when I was in Creme Stone with my friends. By the time we were done with our ice creams we saw a small group of guys standing outside and we all had a quick selfie session. This actually happens pretty often and it even happened recently when I had gone to an opening ceremony in Coimbatore where people in a mall recognized me and showered their love. And just like any other person, it feels good to be loved by fans.


12. Tell us about Paralympics, the recent event where you were the Chief Guest?

It was a great opportunity for the differently abled organized by the Rotary Club and I felt really happy to e a part of it. I never miss a chance to be with special kids and this time it was Vimal, Founder of Crizaze who took me there and I am thankful to him for that. It was very inspirational to watch them it felt happy to see them get such opportunities to explore their talents.


13. We heard that the “Padam” hindi teacher turned into a “Snapchat” teacher for someone on the day of Paralympics. Tell us about it.

This question was totally out of the blue but yes Padam padathula nan oru Hindi teacher (tries a bit of Tamil) but when we went to Paralympics, I was mocking Anderson that Snapchat was not for his generation but for youngsters like me and finally ended with him making me his Snapchat teacher and even to extent of teaching him to make dog faces and filters and so many other things. It was a tough job teaching him all that but it feels good to see him active in Snapchat.
And I would like to say this to him “Anderson, altogether though my Padam shootings were much easier than teaching you Snapchat I am always available whenever you want to learn more from me and I will continue my good job of teaching you” (Chuckles again)

14. Any message and something you wish to convey to your fans?

Live your dreams. Live like there is no tomorrow. I love you all and I cherish all the love you shower on me.
And for this magazine, I wish all the best to achieve great heights and I thank you team Talismanian for giving me this opportunity to share about my life and experiences with everyone. Thanks.

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